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Book Marketing on Amazon: 8 Things to Get Noticed

Book Marketing on Amazon: 8 Things to Get Noticed

Book marketing on Amazon is an ongoing project for most authors and publishers. But how do you know if your Amazon book page is attracting new readers or turning them away? One quick way to determine this is if you're running ads - whether it's Amazon ads or Facebook...

Mastering Nonfiction Book Descriptions: A Guide to Turning Browsers into Buyers

The #1 Strategy to Get More Amazon Book Reviews

Have you ever wondered why some titles seem to effortlessly rack up Amazon book reviews while others struggle to even get noticed? This week we're unveiling a secret strategy that savvy authors have been using to bolster their review numbers. We chat about the art of...

Amazon Ads for Books: Success Tips and Troubleshooting

Amazon Ads for Books: Success Tips and Troubleshooting

We’re all clamoring for more exposure for our books. The market can be rough and getting more visibility on Amazon is, for most authors, an ongoing challenge. Enter: Amazon ads for books. And if you’re like most authors who have already dipped their toes into ads, you...

Mastering Nonfiction Book Descriptions: A Guide to Turning Browsers into Buyers

Navigating the Literary Agent Landscape

This week we're talking about literary agents. Who they are, what they do, and whether you really need one. We'll explore the ins and outs of literary representation, breaking down the roles and responsibilities of literary agents, and shedding light on the services...

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