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Our podcast for authors is shaking up the publishing industry.

We’re not here to sell you dreams. Our goal is to educate you on the ins and outs of what it takes to be successful in today’s market. Most of our tips and recommendations are shockingly simple, but we also do a fair number of deep dives for our veteran authors as well. No matter what, you can expect us to be honest and genuine, with a fair amount of humor and levity mixed in as well, because a podcast for authors shouldn’t be serious all the time!

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Penny, Amy and their entire four-legged crew have a great time planning their nation-wide tour, even if it’s only in their wildest dreams. But in all seriousness, we do this show from opposite sides of the country, sitting at our desks, just hashing out all things book marketing and promotion.

podcast for authors

podcast for authors

podcast for authors

podcast for authors

podcast for authors

“I completed my memoir in 2022 and spent nine months trying to get an agent; once that task was completed it took another 6 months to get a publisher. Throughout the process, I listed to dozens of episodes of the Book Marketing Tips and Author Success Podcast. Here is the very practical result: when  I finally got a book contract – which ran 16 pages – the podcast had prepared me to actually understand what I was reading. I cannot stress how important that was. I was able to push back on certain clauses, get more generous terms for royalties and in general work out a contract that I could feel reasonably good about. Thank you, Penny and Amy, for your wise counsel, and making me laugh along the way!” 

Maura J. Casey.
Writer, editor, weekly columnist, Casey’s Catch.  
Author, “Saving Ellen: A Memoir” (Skyhorse Publishing) March 2025

If you can’t already tell, we aim for balance. We wanted to create a podcast for authors that doesn’t sugar coat anything about this industry, while also making all things book marketing, promotion and author branding much more accessible and easier to manage.

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