Behind the Curtain: Unveiling the Secrets of Success in Book Publishing

by | May 30, 2024 | Podcast for Authors

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In this episode Penny and Amy, the dynamic duo behind a successful book marketing and PR firm, invite listeners to join them for an intimate peek behind the curtain of their collaborative journey. While their chemistry is often praised, it’s their ability to navigate different visions for growth that has been a cornerstone of their success.

In this revealing episode, Penny and Amy share both triumphs and pitfalls with unfiltered, humorous honesty.

But this isn’t just a recounting of past experiences—it’s a treasure trove of lessons learned. Penny and Amy delve into the invaluable insights gained from their shared challenges, offering practical wisdom authors can resonate with as well. Through candid anecdotes they showcase the power of assessing any new business building or marketing endeavor from multiple angles.

This episode promises to leave you entertained and informed, whether you’re a new author fresh out of the gate, or a veteran with a dozen books already published, you’ll gain insight, wisdom and inspiration to inspire your success!

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