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I love the passion that’s needed to excel with fiction markets!

In the 21+ years I’ve been in business my team and I have worked with a lot of different genres including romance, science fiction and fantasy, historical, thrillers and suspense, teen and children’s, the rapidly growing LGBTQ market – and the list goes on as I start tallying all the sub-genres we’ve dialed in to!

Suffice it to say, we know fiction.

And if I had to pick one thing that drives how we work with fiction, it’s that readers demand to be entertained. And it’s not enough for you to simply tell me, “Well, it’s a great story.”

That’s doesn’t cut it. And I’ll tell you why: it’s too vague and it won’t make each potential reader you’re trying to connect with feel that spark. If you’re a book lover, you know the spark.

And that’s where we come in.

Because as the author, you get too close to your own work to objectively set it apart.

So the first step in our process will be to get on the phone with me, and I love doing these calls. Why? Because it really helps me dig into your inspiration, and your goals.

Yes, I said goals.

And if you’re thinking to yourself, “Well, that’s easy. My goal is to sell books.” Then you’re looking at this all wrong. Sales aren’t a goal, they’re a result. A result authors see when a lot of other elements are set up properly, and incremental goals are met.

During our call we’ll talk about your book, what it’s about, and who you think your market is. Sometimes I may disagree and that’s okay, it’s our job to both open doors, and help you get focused.

Because our work isn’t just about book marketing and publicity, that’s oversimplifying it, it’s about laying a more solid foundation for success.

It’s about helping you establish the building blocks you need to continually pull in new readership!

No one can predict how many copies a book marketing campaign will sell, oh how I wish that math was simpler, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that book sales require multiple impressions, and that’s how we develop our campaigns.

Creating unique, thoughtful touch points that reach the right readers and make them want to check out your book.

And then that’s where your book comes in!

We don’t hold back on honesty at AME. To really succeed in this industry, you need to make a stellar first impression, and that means a good book cover, and a great book description on Amazon. That keeps their interest. And then they’ll check out your reviews, and even your author bio and previous work, there’s a chance they’ll check out your website and social media accounts as well if you were strategic enough to include them.

Details matter. And that’s another thing we excel at: the details.

With 4,500+ books published every day in this country, it all matters. From your website to your Amazon book page and everything in between. We live in the details and what they can do for your book interest, book sales and continued reader engagement and long-term success.

That’s why our tagline says, “We are dedicated to the dedicated.”

If you work with us, we won’t tell you what you want to hear, or look at your book in a vacuum – we’ll look at the entire picture – because that’s the kind of honesty and commitment you can expect from our team.

And I’m confident you’ll end up a smarter, savvier author as well!

So be sure to check out our Client Success page while you’re here, and then get in touch to set up a call.

We’d love to be on this journey with you!

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