How to Celebrate “Read a New Book” Month in Style

by | Nov 17, 2022 | Monthly Observances & Content Ideas, Social Media for Authors

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December is read a new book month, and I couldn’t imagine a better time of year to celebrate!

So many of us are ready to slow down a bit, spend more time doing things we really love, and just leaning into the cooler temps and fewer daylight hours.

But as authors we should also capitalize on read a new book month in clever ways that enhance our book marketing and promotion!

Though I fully support you not spending too much time trying to come up with ideas.

So we’ve created a list of simple yet really effective ways to both engage current fans and followers while also getting in front of new readers.

How will you spend read a new book month? 

Please add your own ideas to the comments section, because we’re all better when we work together and there are more than enough readers to go around!

read a new book month

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Listen to our podcast episode about making connections with your local libraries, there’s plenty of time to get involved in holiday events for Read a New Book month!

Check out a full list of literary holidays.


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