How to Sell More Books Using The Global Reading Habits of 2021

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Book Marketing Basics

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I recently came across this awesome infographic from Global English Editing from, and I absolutely had to share it!  As authors, we may think we have a pretty good grasp of the world’s reading habits and trends. However, some of these statistics may surprise you!

Take a look and see how 2021’s reading habits can help inform your 2022 book marketing decisions.

You may be thinking, “Woah, this is a lot to take in!” Well, here are some of my major takeaways.

The Romance Genre Is Booming

Yes, it’s true! The Romance genre is the most popular in the United States. If you have a romance story in the works, I would push to get it finished and out there.

Young People DO Read!

Just because the younger generations love social media doesn’t mean they aren’t reading! Millennials also read more books than any other generation, and Genz increased their reading habits the most during the COVID-19 pandemic. There should be a siren going off in all authors’ minds- who are you marketing your book to? Are you successfully marketing your book to these reading-crazed generations?

People Love Audiobooks

In my 2022 predictions post (I’ll link it down below), I talked about how I see audiobooks gaining popularity because this was absolutely the case for 2021. Also, Audible is the most popular source for audiobooks. If your audiobook isn’t on Audible, it may be time to consider it!

There is so much information packed into this infographic! I know you will benefit from understanding these trends and applying them to your own marketing strategy. And, as always, I am here to help.

I hope you found this post useful. Let me know which statistic or reading habit surprised you the most in the comment section below.

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  1. Glen Smale

    Fascinating infographic, not what I would have expected!

  2. Linda Reed

    Interesting that there isn’t a stat on childrens books. Given all the school closures I expected those numbers to be up as well.

  3. Red Mark

    Thank you for your work, it was useful for me.


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