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As an indie author, you have full control over your book’s success, which isn’t a responsibility to take lightly.

Many authors still dream of that publisher deal.  Once you sign that contract, you’ll be limited in what you can do.  Being able to do discount eBook promotions play a big role in the level of exposure you’re able to achieve and the options you have to grown your fan base.

Stacking Opportunities

We’ve written about discount eBook promotions before, you can read about 7 Smart Marketing Ideas as well as how to do eBook promotions (the right way).   I want to address, specifically, the promotion of your discount eBook, the concept of “stacking” opportunities and how important this is as an indie author.

“Stacking” quite literally refers to the piling up of multiple promotional opportunities.

Once your discount eBook price and dates set, it doesn’t stop there!  Research all the opportunities available to you to ensure the discount dates are seen by as many readers (and potential fans) as possible.

Get started with the list of solid indie author eBook resources I’ve compiled below.

Keep it Varied

Aim to have a mix of both free and paid opportunities.

Free opportunities are of course, free, so that’s a bonus for indie authors who may not have massive marketing budgets.

Submit your promo to all of the free sites as you can find since placement isn’t guaranteed. Remember, it’s easy on the bank account, so embrace the legwork.

Paid opportunities vary in pricing but no matter what, if they charge you, you get what you pay for, so you can count on that exposure.

Budgets & ROI

Have a budget for every discount eBook promotion you do. Even if it’s only $20, that can still get you something. However, for the amount of quality exposure you get, to real readers, I’d suggest a budget of between $50 and $100 if you’re doing eBook promotions once a quarter.

I’m sure you’re already asking if you’ll be able to make up this expense in book sales.  The reality is that you won’t make that money back on every single discount period.

It will all add up.  I promise.

On your second foray, you might do really well.  The subscribers and networks may recognize your title from the previous time.  If you have a series, sales may start picking up a few months down the road from the readers who advantage of your discount.

Remember, ROI is not a real thing when it comes to book marketing.

Book marketing is a big picture concept.  Even for indie authors making six figures or more, know they won’t make back their investment on every single marketing strategy. They’re investing in the success that will come with continued effort and dedication.

eBook Promotion Resources

Author Marketing Club has compiled a number of sites to submit your discount book to.

Awesome Gang promotes indie author eBooks but also has an interview option as well.

Book Bassett accepts discount book submission and indie author guest posts.

Bargain Booksy is a paid service that focuses on specific genres, but they have a lot of subscribers to back up the investment.

Bookbub is the Holy Grail of discount eBook promotions, so they’re tough to get into but I’d encourage you to submit every single month no matter what, because the time you do get picked up, is a different level of book marketing.

Bookgoodies has tons of different options so you’re sure to find something that works for your book and indie author budget.

Bookgorilla is another big name, their requirements are on the strict side but they have an excellent network.

Booklemur has some really fair prices and they make the process easy.

Booklover’s Heaven was created by readers so you know their network is legit.

BookScream has been in beta but just launched the full version recently so they’d love to include your indie author book!

BookSends really focuses on genre, which can be a big bonus, because it means you’re reaching people that are truly interested in books like yours.

Digital Book Today has countless free and paid submission options here

eBooksHabit focuses on books $2.99 or less so they’re a must if you’re doing a really good discount.

eReader Girl has been expanding their options to include author promotion as well so they’re worth keeping in your back pocket.

Erotica Everyday is really generous with their promotions and you can’t make them blush!

Oh yes there’s more!

FreeBooksy is partnered with Bargainbooksy, and are specifically for books that are free.

Free Kindle Books & Tips has a free author newsletter you can sign up for to ensure you don’t miss out on any opportunities they offer.

Frugal Freebies is another must-have if your book is free.

GoodKindles has really robust packages, so you’re hitting new readers on multiple channels.

Indie Book of the Day is focused on helping the indie author who has a free book.

Ignite Your Book has two levels, one that gets you listed on the site only and one that gets you listed on the site and in their weekly newsletter.

Kindle Book Promos has a great option for indie authors who have a permafree book in their arsenal.

Kindle Nation Daily is on the more expensive side but their reach is fantastic.

Naughty List Books is another great option for romance and erotica authors.

ReadCheaply has different levels based on your genre.

Reading Deals has a free option for consideration, and a paid option that guarantees a listing.

StoryFinds promotes your eBooks and lets you create an indie author listing on their site.

The Book Circle guarantees placement and promotes on their social media.

The Kindle Book Review is a true author resource and even lists other sites you can promote your book on.

The Takeaway

Discount eBook promotions should be in your arsenal as an indie author. They give you the reach you need to continually build your reader and fan base for a price that’s really affordable.

Aim for no more than $1.99 if you can’t do free.  Keep your book at that price for at least 5 days.  Follow these two markers will make you much more desirable to the sites that don’t guarantee you a listing.

If we forgot your go-to network for discount eBook submissions please share in the comments!

If you have a book but sales are lackluster, find out what’s stopping you!

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  1. Breanna

    Do you know of any resources for low or free promotion of low content books (journals, planners, sketchbooks, and puzzle books) sold on Amazon KDP?



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