7 Smart Ideas for Book Marketing (after release hype fades)

by | Aug 10, 2017 | Book Marketing Basics

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When you have a new or pending release, it’s easy to be excited. You are easily motivated with smart ideas for book promotion anywhere and everywhere. And you take joy in every positive reaction, book request, and…of course, book purchase!

But, as with all things, that level of hype can’t maintain forever, even for authors with a dedicated following.

So how can you continue to build on the foundation you’ve already created? And keep your book moving forward? It’s easier than you think. And, lucky for you, not only is this something I excel in, but I’d love to help you succeed too!

7 Smart Marketing Ideas

There are a ton of smart ideas out there for to keep your book sales alive as an indie author, but I want to help you work smarter. And so, I’ve created this handy downloadable infographic that you’ll want to bookmark filled with some smart ideas for book marketing as your launch hype begins to cool.


For a larger, printable version of our guide to marketing after release hype fades, simply click the image!

And of course, if any of these strategies really resonate with you, you can get some great ideas on this blog. I’ve written quite a bit about things to keep in mind as you move forward with your book marketing. Even if your sales have plateaued. And, if you would like ideas for ebook promotions, review pitching, and social media marketing, we’ve got lots of great information on that too. So if you’re looking for information on how to succeed and the latest trends in book marketing, you can find it here!

Still feel like you would benefit from more help? I’d love to set you up with some personalized coaching! It’s perfect if you would benefit from professional publishing or book marketing guidance. Click here to set up a coaching session with me — we can discuss a wide variety of publishing and promotion-related issues/questions that you have. And, I’ll help you determine where the holes in your book marketing plan are as well as what you can do better!



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