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by | Jun 29, 2017 | Amazon Updates & Marketing Tips, Book Marketing Basics

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I shouldn’t have to tell you how important Amazon is to your book’s performance.

As of 2014, according to The Atlantic, this giant retailer made up 41% of new book sales and 65% of ebook sales, and that number really has nowhere to go but up.

So, a strong Amazon strategy and presence should be one of the cornerstones of your book marketing plan as an indie author.

But with Amazon being the beast that it is, how can you know that you’re really making the most of your efforts, and getting the biggest bang for your proverbial buck?

Can you truly master Amazon and sell more books?

That’s where I come in! In addition to my blog, which is filled with great Amazon advice on optimizing your book page, making the most of AMS advertising, and more key strategies, I’ve just updated my bestselling video series with you in mind.

I’m an author too, so believe me when I say I know your struggles. One hundred percent. I know your time constraints.

Luckily I can help. I’ve mastered the inner workings of Amazon, I study it, I test it, I live and breathe the updates. Believe me, it’s exhausting! But I’m happy to share what I’ve learned and help you turn Amazon into a 24/7 sales machine that works for you to sell more books.

Why? Because better educated authors, and more successful authors, is better for publishing.

My exclusive video series includes:

  • Steps to get top visibility for your book
  • How to get hundreds of reader reviews with just one strategy
  • Details on how to figure out which keywords buyers are really using
  • How to identify categories that drive bigger sales
  • Information on editing your book description to pull in more buyers
  • How to get your booked ranked #1 in your category
  • Ideas to increase sales with pre-order campaigns
  • How to continually manage your Amazon discoverability
  • Our guarantee that videos will be updated regularly to reflect major changes to all these strategies
  • Bonus marketing tools, tips and tricks designed to improve your visibility and sales potential
  • Our guarantee that you’ll sell more books!*

Pay only $99 for a limited time to master Amazon!

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