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by | Feb 22, 2016 | Book Marketing Basics

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So, you say you’re too busy to market your book? Well, welcome to the club. Most of the authors that I work with have day jobs paired with evenings at home trying to cram in as much marketing as they can after an exhausting day at the office. Working this way can be completely overwhelming. It’s no wonder that authors only market their books for ninety days. Who could stand to keep up this pace any longer than that? There are so many things authors need to do, and most simply don’t know where to start.

Enter the five-minute book marketing approach. As tempting as it is, it’s not realistic to try and do everything. Instead, try doing three things each day that will bring value. I found that authors are not only more focused this way but tend to be a hundred times more effective.

If you’re marketing your own book and you’re becoming overwhelmed by the magnitude of the work ahead of you, try setting aside five minutes to do just three things a day. Some things will only take you a minute, so in one week alone you’ll have promoted your book in fifteen new ways. And remember, your three things don’t have to be earth shattering, they can be as simple as sending a thank you note.

Here are ten ideas that you can implement this week:

1. Create incentive – run a promotion using your social media and offer a prize to a random winner.  On Facebook, have your followers share your page to enter. On Twitter, they can tag you in a #followfriday tweet. On Instagram, invite followers to both “Like + Tag a friend.”

2. Haven’t signed up for Goodreads yet? Create a free account. From there, start gathering friends and building your profile there.

3. Reach out to at least one author in your genre. Networking helps you remain current on what others are also doing in your market. You can find similar authors online (check out how on this blog) or pull up LinkedIn and send a contact request.

4. Keep your website fresh by adding book reviews and other relevant content. Remember, it’s your one marketing tool that never sleeps, so make sure it’s current.

5. Not getting online keyword alerts yet? Subscribe to Google Alerts, Mention.com, or Talkwalker.com.  Enter terms such as your name, your book title(s), brand, and related keywords to monitor the web for new content and receive alerts for your search terms.

6. Post a comment on the blog of another author that has a similar fan base. Commenting on blogs with similar readerships can be both an easy and effective way to grow your own following. If you need tips, Anne R. Allen has a good how to comment on a blog article.

7. Send a thank you note. Thank the news person who did a feature on you, or to the book store manager who recently hosted your book signing. Personal touch goes a long way – saying “thank you” is a powerful marketing tool!

8. Have you done a Meetup yet? Go to Meetup.com. There are lots of groups where you can network. Better yet, search for relevant groups that host speakers, and pitch yourself. Speaking to their members would be a win-win!

9. Why not make new fans by donating a few books? Search online for local groups that may enjoy and benefit from your writing.

10. Find a place to host a local book reading. A local coffee shop, retirement community, school, library, community college, etc. – reach out and pitch yourself.

Happy Five-Minute Marketing!

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