Unique Author Branding and Content Ideas Using October Observances

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It’s time to run through our October observances and unique author brand enhancements and content ideas for your monthly book marketing plan!

Without a regular connection to readers, you’re just another book on the shelf.

Take the time to make yourself stand out by using our monthly observances and tips to create interesting content with your own unique twist.

This is part of really refining your author brand!

Timely content that uses popular and trending search terms and hashtags is a great way to enhance your visibility and improve SEO in a very simple way.

And what’s really key: content ideas don’t always have to stem from your genre or topic.

When it comes to author marketing and building an author brand, ensuring that your fans and followers have ways to connect with you on a more personal level is as powerful as speaking about your genre and topic.

How to Use My Content Ideas

Below are holidays and just plain wacky and fun October observances for 2021.

I’ve also included a few content ideas and angles to help spark your creativity and help you wrap your mind around how to work them into your author branding.

Not all of these are worth an entire blog post or article, but nearly all of them can be turned into a fun or thought-provoking social media post or blurb in your newsletter – so it’s like getting triple the ideas!

There are always a lot of holidays around food, drink, and cooking, so get ready to share recipes or tag local fave establishments and ask followers to share theirs. The same goes for activities: this is a great chance to take selfies and/or to share a bit about yourself outside of being a writer.

These also open up opportunities for you to make recommendations for products – no, not official ads, but again, people love to follow someone who’s a great resource. Think outside the box to come up with ways you can help people out and make their lives easier or more exciting.

Keep in mind: ALL of your posts should encourage your fans and followers to respond, chime in, share their feedback, insight, stories, etc. Don’t forget to work that angle: let them know you want to hear from them!

Also remember: Your goal is to encourage engagement – never post flat content; be creative with how you pull others into the conversation and offer ways for them to easily engage.

Giving yourself a bar to reach is the first step to upping your author branding game.

Do polls, giveaways, fan art contests: remember to make it about your readers – not about you – and you’re guaranteed to see better engagement.

If you need some additional support on how to translate these ideas into actual content and posts, consider signing up for email coaching with me and we’ll get personal!

And don’t forget to grab our Monthly Book Marketing Planner from the Free Resources and Downloads section at the end of this post.

Getting Started with October Observances

Start with these month-long ideas! Several offer opportunities to support a cause close to your heart by sharing stories, raising awareness, and/or giving your followers ways to donate money, time, and love to your favorite issues.

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

American Cheese Month

American Pharmacist Month

Apple Jack Month

Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Computer Learning Month

Cookie Month

Eat Country Ham Month

International Drum Month

National Diabetes Month

National Pizza Month

National Popcorn Poppin’ Month

National Vegetarian Month

Sarcastic Month

Seafood Month

October Observances by the Week

Week 1 – Get Organized Week

Week 1 – Customer Service Week

Week 1 – National Kale Day, first Wednesday of the month

Week 1 – World Smile Day, first Friday of the month

Week 2 – Columbus Day, second Monday of the month

Week 2 – National Motorcycle Ride Day, second Saturday of the month

Week 2 – Fire Prevention Week

Week 2 – Pet Peeve Week

October Observances by the Day

October 1

International Coffee Day – It doesn’t get any better than a coffee in one hand and a book in the other! Have someone snap a picture of you reading your current book de jour with your cup of joe; post it online and encourage your readers to do the same!

International Day for the Elderly

National Homemade Cookies Day

World Vegetarian Day

October 2

International Frugal Fun Day

National Custodial Worker Day

Name Your Car Day – This is a fun way to get people to participate, everyone likes to talk about themselves (for the most part) and these easy Q&As, like “what’s your car’s name?” are simple ways to get people involved with your brand.

World Card Making Day

World Farm Animals Day

October 3 

National Boyfriends Day – Book boyfriends are absolutely a thing, poll your readers on who theirs are.

Oktoberfest in Germany ends

Techies Day

October 4

National Golf Day

National Frappe Day

October 5

Do Something Nice Day

World Teacher’s Day – Did you have a favorite teacher or two who inspired or encouraged your writing talent? Celebrate them with a BOGO in their honor!

October 6

Come and Take it Day

Mad Hatter Day

Physician Assistant Day

October 7

International Walk to School Day

October 8

American Touch Tag Day

World Egg Day

October 9

Curious Events Day

Fire Prevention Day

Moldy Cheese Day

October 10

International Newspaper Carrier Day

National Angel Food Cake Day – It’s a confection of heavenly delight! Which one of your book characters is most likely to love this light and airy dessert?

October 11

Indigenous People Day

Columbus Day

It’s My Party Day

October 12

Cookbook Launch Day – Cookbook authors, today is your day! Plan a special promotion or a limited-time discount and make sure everyone shares their favorite recipe.

Old Farmer’s Day

Moment of Frustration Day

National Gumbo Day

October 13

Emergency Nurses Day

International Skeptics Day

National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day

Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day

October 14

National Dessert Day

October 16

Bosses Day

Dictionary Day – Writers are the ultimate lover of words. Post the definition of your favorite word or two and explain why it’s your favorite!

Sweetest Day

October 17

National Pasta Day

Wear Something Gaudy Day

October 18

National Meatloaf Appreciation Day

No Beard Day

October 19

Evaluate Your Life Day – Whether you are a personal growth author or not, this is a day everyone can embrace. Consider sharing with your readers a pivotal time in your life when you committed to writing and how it’s affected you. Connecting with your readers on a personal level is a great way to strengthen not just your brand, but your audience base as well.

October 20

Brandied Fruit Day

International Chefs Day

October 21

Babbling Day

Count Your Buttons Day

International Nacho Day

National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day – If you’re game for celebrating a food holiday at home ask your followers to submit recipes, then follow up with the one you chose and a pic of your creation – I’m sure a lot of fans would love to see an author they follow use their recipe!

October 22

National Nut Day

book marketing ideas

October 23

Make a Difference Day

National Mole Day

TV Talk Show Host Day

October 24 

National Bologna Day

United Nations Day

October 25

International Artist Day – Who designed your book cover? Did you hire an illustrator? Today’s the day to name your book designers and thank them for the role they, too, play in the world of book publishing.

Mother-In-Law Day

Punk for a Day Day

World Opera Day

World Pasta Day

October 27

Black Cat Day

National Tell a Story Day (in Scotland and the U.K.) – While Americans mark this holiday in April, it’s the perfect opportunity for all authors to celebrate; give a shout out to your favorite storyteller and ask your readers to do the same.

Navy Day

October 28

Plush Animal Lover’s Day

October 29

Frankenstein Friday

Hermit Day

October 30

National Candy Corn Day – In a tribute to this well-known seasonal candy, embrace the colors of yellow, orange, and white on your social media!

Mischief Night

October 31

Carve a Pumpkin Day


Increase Your Psychic Powers Day

The Takeaway

Remember, being an author demands creativity, and it also demands authenticity when developing a marketing plan to support your author brand.

Coming up with unique content ideas for authors as part of your marketing plan is a great way to take your success seriously, without taking yourself too seriously! And these October observances should really help.

Resources and Free Downloads

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