5 International Sales Strategies for Indie Authors

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Book Marketing Basics

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There are two reasons indie authors should have an international book marketing plan.

One, international readership and interest for books originating in the US is growing exponentially.

Two, the US market is only getting more competitive as publishing gets more accessible and indie authors are getting more book marketing savvy when building their brands.

If you don’t know where your genre does well internationally do a little research.

Many successful indie authors have utilized this strategy so it’s definitely out there!

Get on Board with International Distribution

There are a number of services that help you manage and connect with both national and international retail opportunities, including Amazon.

Some also make pricing conversions insanely easy for indie authors who have to be careful about their profit margin, so you can see what your book should sell for all over the world, which is fantastic insight.

Understand that Sales are Appreciated Internationally

Discount eBook promotions are really golden opportunities for indie authors to garner the attention of new readers – who doesn’t love a sale?

Check out this list of eBook promotion sites, specifically the ones that have international book marketing options, and set up a few discount promos over the course of 2018 with international readers in mind.

Use Social Media Ads that Speak Multiple Languages

Facebook (and via Facebook, Instagram) and Twitter let you target ads to specific regions of the world.

If you’re doing fairly well on any of these sites, or even if you’re just doing okay as an indie author (and still need to find your stride) but you know your target readers use these platforms, consider investing in some very targeted ads.

Just remember, targeting is key. You spend less AND the quality is better.

Definitely consider making social ads part of your international book marketing plan, once you do the work to set them up, they take it from there.

Travel the World Via Blogs

Book bloggers are everywhere. Assuming you’ve done your research to know where books like yours do well, here comes the second round. Find bloggers in your genre that write for international audiences.

Google translate can help you break the ice, it’s likely not needed but it’s something to keep in mind and shows you’re willing to go the extra mile to work with the blogger on their terms.

The effort will make you stand out. And as an indie author that should always be your book marketing goal, both in the US and internationally.

Some book promotion services are jumping on board with this too, if you need help. We’ve added a small international element to our campaigns and we’re actively growing it.

Find Your Flair for International Design

As you probably know, different design styles are valued for a variety of reasons across the globe. For example, what works in the US may not work so well in Japan.

I suggest this book marketing strategy a lot, for everything from social media ideas to pricing. Check out successful books that are comparable to yours.

See what similarities you can pinpoint in their alternate covers and you’ll start to get a feel for what works in different markets.

Reach out to companies with cover design and book marketing services that have experience in creating international designs. If they do, ask to see some of that work.

A quality designer should know how to do this kind of research to create internationally appropriate covers for you.  One who takes their craft seriously doesn’t necessarily mean they’re insanely expensive.

The Takeaway

International opportunities are valuable for a lot of reasons.

You can boost a new release or breathe life into an older title. Reintroduce a series you’ve been working on to an entirely new audience.

As an indie author you and you alone are in charge of your fate, don’t leave anything on table.

I have a number of Amazon marketing services for authors that I hope you’ll check out. Amazon should be your number one sales driver. Unless your Amazon presence is top-notch, you don’t stand a chance.

Find out more by contacting me today and my team and I will introduce you to all your options!


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