How to Maximize the Date You Launch a Book: Book Marketing Podcast Recap

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When it comes to deciding what date is right to launch a book, you need to first research how to market a book.

In all honesty, there is no such thing as a perfect launch day. There are so many variables in a single day that there is no guarantee your book launch will be an absolute success.

What you can focus on and target is the marketing aspect of a book launch. While there are numerous variables that can’t be controlled, there are some that are totally under your power.

I recently shared an episode from my Book Marketing Tips & Author Success podcast breaking down book launch dates and how to market a book, but here are a few details to consider when discussing how to launch a book.

Relinquish the idea of the perfect launch day

Most authors expect way too much from launch day. It’s unrealistic to set high expectations when, as I just explained, there is so much that is out of your control.

Don’t put all of the emphasis on the launch “day.” Consider establishing a longer, broader timeline. Have plenty of prep before and after launch day planned to keep the hype going.

Never launch a book on a holiday

If a book surrounds a holiday like Mother’s day or Christmas, many authors want to wait to publish on the day of. But why?

Releasing a book on a holiday means that it won’t be of interest until next year when the holiday arrives again. Think of how to market a book. You have to publish during the anticipation of a holiday.

We decorate early to get excited for the holiday — your book should be the same.

Book Marketing and Promotion

Research how to market a book for launch

You will always need to know and target your right audience, and you’ll always need to optimize your social media platforms, but preparing for launch is slightly different. You need to build hype and get readers excited.

You can’t put all of your planning into one day because marketing never ends. And it doesn’t begin with launch day.

So, what should I look for in a launch day?

I like Tuesdays. This is only because Tuesdays have always tied into bestseller lists and when they pull their reporting.

And make sure that you’re avoiding anything that could steal your thunder. I mentioned holidays, but this goes for just about anything — days of recognition, voting season, even big competitor or genre releases.

Consider your availability, too. If you can’t follow through with the launch of a book by booking signings and events, then you need to change your date.

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