Launch a Book Without Looking Like an Amateur: Book Marketing Podcast Recap

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When looking to launch a book, the last thing you want is to look like a book marketing amateur. It doesn’t do your book justice to present it without complete confidence.

Readers want and expect a certain level of commitment, understanding, and professionalism, even if that expectation is subconscious. They desire organization and cleanliness within a campaign as well as within a brand.

If you go to launch a book without any help or without doing your homework on book marketing, you can accidentally deter publishers, distributors, and readers. Here are some topics I covered in my Book Marketing Tips and Author Marketing Success podcast on marketing like an amateur.

Never Ask for 5-Star Reviews

What seems like a quick fix for good publicity is actually a sure-fire way to upset a reviewer. Not only is it unprofessional, but it also means you won’t learn how to improve. Reviews are meant to help readers make an informed purchase and to show you where you can grow as a writer.

Similarly, don’t remove bad reviews either!

Create a Consistent, Recognizable Brand

The key to being an identifiable author is to have a clear brand. If a reader likes your brand and can easily recognize it, they’ll be more likely to see and buy your work in the future.

Remember that everything is your resume. Don’t put out a website or a graphic, or especially a book, that you’re not proud of and that doesn’t align with who you are and what your brand is. Make sure your website, your social media, your book all blend with a cohesive style.

Know How To Access All of Your Accounts Ahead of Time

There’s a difference between not knowing something and being unwilling to learn something. Third party book marketing services know you’re not an expert in promotion, but you must be willing to learn these processes, starting with your accounts.

Access your accounts ahead of time and get to know them. This will help you to maximize your strategies and get the most out of your marketing.

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Don’t Launch a Book Before Doing Your Market Research

Who is your perfect reader? Who do you want to pick up your book and reader it cover to cover? If you don’t know who that reader is, how are you going to market your book to them?

You first need to know your genre to understand where your book fits in. It’s amazing how many authors I speak to who don’t read their own genre. It’s like opening a coffee shop without knowing a thing about coffee.

From there, you can begin to learn your audience. Discover what they like to see and where they like to see it. Having this kind of target will save you a lot of time and money.

Have a Reasonable Expectation of Book Marketing Costs

Speaking of money, marketing can cost a lot of it. Some DIY authors can do really well with a bootstrap budget campaign, but if you’re not willing or able to pay for the right book cover and the right  promotion strategies, you’ll have a tough time reaching the right people.

When thinking of marketing, some authors set a strict budget and refuse to spend more. However, they don’t always factor in the different elements of marketing. The cost of book marketing is the allowance of ads, the price of a pretty cover, the expense of design subscription services, the time it takes to manage all these things, etc. Being stingy with the overall cost means that you’re not getting the highest quality marketing.


When it’s time to launch a book, think of what you would want to see as a reader. Pay attention to the variables that are specific to not only book marketing but to your genre and its audience.

For more tips on this and other topics, visit my author marketing podcast!


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