Infographic: Street Teams vs. Superfans and Boosting Your Book Publicity

by | Jun 9, 2022 | Author Branding

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Personal recommendations are the biggest sales generator — not just for books but most things. Think about the last time you heard a friend tell you that something was an excellent product, or a book or kitchen widget. You probably went onto Amazon or wherever you shop online and looked. I’d even be willing to bet that you purchased it, too. A personal recommendation is the best and most powerful book publicity strategy you can have.

Superfans and street teams are created with this strategy in mind! By creating a team of loyal readers, you increase the chance of your book being a personal recommendation.

I’ve talked a lot about both superfans and street teams and the major differences between the two groups. In short, superfans love everything you do. They have probably reviewed all of your books, and they love your characters. Or if you’ve written non-fiction, they follow all of your advice!

Street teams take this to a new level. They will not only engage with you, but they’ll also help you with your book marketing. You must carefully cull this list, and not every superfan will wind up on your final street team list. That’s okay because it’s not a bad idea to have both when it comes to book marketing.

Here is an infographic outlining how to tell the difference between the two types of fans to figure out what jobs to give which readers to boost your book publicity!

book publicity

I’d love to hear your ideas down in the comment section! How will you be using Street Teams and Super fans to boost your book publicity?

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