Self Publishing a Book Requires the Right Focus

by | Sep 9, 2021 | Bestseller Essentials, Book Marketing Basics

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Self publishing a book is really an exciting, frustrating, and emotional time, and it’s easy to lose focus along the way – believe me, I know – because I have Book to Bestseller releasing this fall and it’s been a love-hate relationship from the start.

But I always say it’s a lot easier with smart planning, and I stick by that.

If you take self publishing a book one step at a time, and check all those boxes, cross the T’s and dot the I’s, you’re not only more likely to end up with a final product you’re proud of, you’re much more likely to end up with a final product readers gravitate toward, recommend, and review positively.

Step 1: Writing Is About You

And I don’t mean it’s just about that bucket list item, or getting that fantastic idea on paper, of course that’s important, but you want your book to be a reflection of you.

Be a true fan of your genre. Be an active, passionate thought leader for your topic. Collaborate with a great editor.

Self publishing a book is a great honor that gives you full control every step of the way – don’t waste that kind of autonomy.

Step 2: Publishing Is About the Book

This is where it gets more technical, but it’s equally as critical as what goes into the content.

Collaborate with a well-versed interior person. Hire a really amazing book cover designer, the best your budget allows.

Self publishing a book also means you get to decide whether you go directly to Amazon, or if you hire a company to help with the printing of the book, or even distribution.

There are a lot of business decisions to make at this stage, and if it’s your first time, or your 5th (but you know you’ve screwed a few things up in the past), consider doing a consultation with a professional to ensure you’re covering all the bases. Avoiding major missteps could be the difference between a book falling flat, and hitting a coveted bestseller list in your category.

how to sell self published books through your website

Step 3: Marketing Is About the Reader

This is where it gets fun! But it’s also where a lot of authors make a big mistake. Meaning, if you don’t make the marketing about the readers, it leads you down a path that doesn’t produce the kinds of sales or reviews you’re hoping for.

Remember, you’re not throwing your books at people as you drive down the street!

I know that’s a ridiculous thing to imagine, but that’s essentially how a lot of authors try to market their books and then end up disappointed. Sell, sell, sell, push, push, push. “Buy my stuff!”

Lots of wasted time.

And don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s because self publishing a book is less lucrative than getting a publisher. That’s a total myth I’m tired of hearing it repeated.

In reality, if you focus less on shouting so loud, and focus more on ensuring your retail pages, your website, your social media, and yes, all your marketing efforts, are optimized to entice readers to come to you out of pure interest, you’re going to be so much closer to actually making the sale – and you’ll be wasting a lot less time.

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