The Best Book Marketing Secrets For Your Memoir: Book Marketing Podcast Recap

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The Best Book Marketing Secrets For Your Memoir is a recap of “How to Market a Memoir the Right Way,” a recent episode on our Book Marketing Tips & Author Success podcast.

In this episode, we unveil the strategies of good memoir marketing and what that means for your author platform. Be sure to download and listen to the show for all our details, recommendations, and considerations!

Memoirs are incredibly vulnerable pieces to push out into the world — but not everyone values your story equally. For memoirs, the best book marketing strategies will also be the best author platform strategies.

Here are a few secrets for promoting your memoir and building your author platform:

Create a unique brand message from your theme

When distinguishing how you and your story is different from anyone else’s, lean into it. Having a unique, identifying factor can make not only your memoir stand out amongst a sea of books but can also make you visible in a tsunami of authors.

This will become your author platform. When you own your message, it opens you to new opportunities.

Think of both the smaller and the grander concepts that accompany your book. The best book marketing strategies target the biggest audience within a niche. So you wrote a book about World War II – but does it also center on genealogy or an illness? A specific place?

Don’t limit your message to what’s obvious about your book.

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Make a good first impression with your author platform

Celebrities have no problems selling a memoir. Who doesn’t want to read the thoughts and secrets of their favorite people?

Everyone else has to work twice as hard just to be seen; triple that to sell a book.

This is where your author platform really comes into play. You need to capture and keep a potential readers attention, and you do this by being interesting.

Closing in on your message, as I mentioned above, is one way to do this. Another is to share your personality and yourself with readers. This can be done over social media or in person with author events and signings.

Your goal is to have someone see you or read about you and want to know more.

The best book marketing strategies target the right audience

Since you’ve determined your author platform message and have considered the different themes your book covers, think of who that message and those themes apply to. Don’t undersell your book as solely a memoir. In your pitches, explain why your book targets the specific audience you’re reaching out to.

For a memoir on the journey of eating disorder recovery, pitch to health blogs and magazines.

There are many more people who would be interested in your story than just the obvious ones, but you have to show them why they should be invested.


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