The Best Marketing Plans Don’t Waste Any Money

by | Jan 26, 2023 | Podcast for Authors

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Without question, the best marketing plans for authors focus on the right things at the right time.
Maybe that sounds obvious?
But we talk to a lot of authors that find themselves in a tailspin of not know what to do, so they buy everything they can afford.
Or they assume they have to do everything at once, and they blow all their marketing money before the book is even out.
Both of those scenarios are problematic for obvious reasons.
And it’s really quite simple if you take a step back and prioritize.
When we outline marketing plans for authors we take certain factors into consideration, like:
  • What the author is bringing to the table (do they have a platform yet)
  • What the author’s future plans are
  • How motivated are they to self-promote
  • What the reader expectations are for the genre.
Zeroing in on all of these elements helps us determine how an author should focus their time (and investment), both in what strategies they need, and on what timeline.

So please check out this episode, we think it’s a fantastic way to kick off 2023 and promote the “work smarter not harder” vibe!

Hopefully you’re intrigued enough to listen to the whole episode on marketing plans for authors, and we look forward to your feedback on the show!

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  1. Alice W.

    I want to sell more books, but my willingness to do any self promotion is 0% and not increasing at all.


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