Quiz: Is Your Amazon Book Page Selling Your Book?

by | Jan 12, 2023 | Amazon Updates & Marketing Tips

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We talk a lot about the Amazon book page, when I teach at events, in this blog, on our podcast, and it’s not because we run out of things to say – anyone who follows the podcast knows that’s not an affliction we suffer from – but we do it because we still see so many authors missing simple, yet critical opportunities.

Amazon book pages are the online version of your retail display, and I don’t expect many of you can say your shopping isn’t at all swayed to some degree by how products are presented to you.

And your Amazon book page is your first impression with potential buyers.

And with over 4,500 books being published every single day, it’s not good enough to nail just one or two elements of your Amazon book page, you have to nail all of them!

That may sound daunting, but I assure you it’s all quite simple.

So take this quiz to get an honest idea of what you might be able to improve on!

Then commit to getting your Amazon book page in order, and then hold yourself to it by adding a “review and update” task to your book marketing planner once a quarter. The planner sheet can be downloaded from the Resources section below.

What did you learn about your Amazon book page?

Was it a lot?

What were you most surprised by?

What’s the first change you’re going to make to your Amazon book page after taking this quiz? Please mention it in the comments!

And don’t forget, if you’re unsure if you’re doing things correctly, or if every aspect is entirely up to snuff, then sign up for email coaching – it could end up being the best, budget-friendly thing you do for your sales this year!

We also have a book cover collaboration service, it’s designed to help authors ensure their book covers are really prepared to compete in today’s market – because it’s really an art, and there’s a lot of psychology involved in why readers gravitate to certain covers and not others. Again, don’t risk it! Link below.

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    I’ll have to do my research re. what’s meant by A+ content!


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