Book Cover Collaboration


Let’s collaborate on your next bestselling book cover!


Book covers matter, more than a lot of authors realize.

So if you’re releasing a book this year, or you’re open to breathing new life into an already existing title by creating a new cover worthy of the bestseller list — please let me help!

Who a book cover collaboration is for:

Authors who want my help so they’re prepared to make smart requests and provide competitive samples and inspiration to the designer of their choosing.

Authors who have a book that’s already out and not performing well who are prepared to do a cover revamp and want my help so they can take my feedback and recommendations to a designer of their choosing.

How a book cover collaboration works:

  1. You’ll provide some basic information about who your reader market is and the genre/topic you’re most interested in competing in, along with any working cover files you already have – or a link to your book’s Amazon page if it’s already out.
  2. I’ll provide you with detailed feedback, recommendations and samples that you can take to your designer to incorporate into your working or current cover design, or that they can use to develop a brand new cover.
  3. You get the option to come back to me a second time with updated cover files for additional feedback before your designer completes the final design!

I can also help you choose between multiple cover designs as part of steps 2 or 3 above as well.

Please note, we do not have an in-house designer, my focus is solely on assisting you from a marketing and sales perspective. You will have to take my feedback and recommendations to a reputable book cover designer of your choosing to have the cover created.

Assuming you’re able to provide the basic info and files we need in a timely manner my goal will be to get my first round of recommendations and feedback to you within 5-7 business days.

How to get started:

  1. Purchase a book cover collaboration
  2. We’ll email you a basic form to fill out
  3. You can expect my first round of feedback within 5-7 business days


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