Book Marketing Strategies for Older Titles: Book Marketing Podcast Recap

by | Sep 23, 2021 | Getting More Media Coverage, Podcast for Authors

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Book marketing strategies change a bit when you’re promoting an older title, so it’s important to keep your marketing plans separate for your new releases and your backlist.

But that means something can be done to spike book sales on this older title!

Whether it’s a single book or your entire backlist, here’s a quick rundown of marketing strategies that can help you revive and reignite a book that no longer falls in that “new release” window.

And be sure to download and listen to the full podcast episode for full details, recommendations, and considerations!

#1 Do a Cover Update

If your book is more than a year old and not selling well, re-do the cover. Find a professional cover designer that has a strong portfolio in your genre and get their help.

#2 Do a Goodreads Giveaway

Get yourself set up and commit to networking with the winners and build your presence on the site.

#3 Do a Limited-Time Discount Promotion

Go as low as you can go for 2 or 3 days (fewer days creates urgency) and submit the book to sites that are dedicated to promoting Kindle deals.

#4 Run BookBub Ads

Because BookBub ads are so visual, this will work especially well with a new cover. When using book marketing strategies like this, be smart about running your ads to target those who are most likely to resonate with your book, regardless of its pub date.

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#5 Create a Book Bundle

If your older title is part of a series, bundle the first two titles to create a new product. If you write non-fiction and cover the same topic you can do a bundle as well!

#6 Build Book Marketing Strategies Around Current Events

If there is something in the news cycle related to your book or industry — speak up! Pitch yourself to online influencers for guest pieces or interviews. Get really active on social so you show up for trending topics. Definitely plan a dedicated blog post. Consider whether or not you can provide value by releasing a special newsletter.

#7 Run New Amazon Ads

Amazon ads are easy to create and won’t break your budget if you’re paying attention!

#8 Update Your Amazon Page

Changing up your subtitles and descriptions can really make a difference for drawing in new, interested buyers.

#9 Change Up Your Categories and Keywords

It’s amazing how much more exposure you can get on Amazon by using the right categories and keywords.

#10 Don’t Stop Pitching for Reviews

Of all the book marketing strategies, this is one that’s frequently neglected. Be sure to use your email list and social media to remind people to post a review after reading the book. Remember, a book with 20 reviews is more likely to keep selling than a book with only 3 reviews.

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