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by | Aug 6, 2021 | Book Marketing Basics, Podcast for Authors

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This recap of “How to Market Your Book as a Summer Read” from the Book Marketing Tips & Author Success podcast is designed to inspire you to take advantage of the last few weeks of summer and ramp up book sales!

We discuss what kinds of books can be a summertime read (and those that can’t), how to expand your thinking in terms of summer-type books, and also how to maximize your Amazon book page to take advantage of this. Be sure to download and listen to the show for all the details, recommendations, and considerations.

Most people want to hold onto the summer vibes as long as possible, so play into this and see your engagement skyrocket!

The types of books that draw attention

Good summer reading is often fiction, keeps things on the lighter side, and is something you can really lose yourself in. True Crime can fit in this category, too.

What aren’t good summer-type books? Anything more serious in nature; given the world news surrounding us we are sort of fatigued in terms of politics and big-name memoirs.

Without school during the summer months, project-based books are huge for kids. Kids love experiments and creating things. These “maker” books can be super successful during the summer.

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Pivot your book marketing plan to create a great summer read

Do something as simple as adding a reference to a summer read or summer activities to your book description; it could make a huge difference in how potential buyers perceive you. Help them make the easy decision!

Other summer-like marketing ideas are things like a Goodreads giveaway, eBook promotion, or being creative with your Amazon ad. Your social media should align with this season, too.

All this is really about digging into making your book fit into readers’ lives, fulfilling needs, and answering questions.

Resources and Free Downloads

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