How to Promote Your Book Before It’s Published: 10 Surefire Strategies

by | Feb 2, 2021 | Book Marketing Basics

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If your next release is almost ready, you have officially entered the zone where you should begin to consider how to promote your book before it’s published.

“Go big or go home” rings particularly true for indie authors, so here are 10 easy ways to make your next release more successful.

Getting Started

Establishing your Amazon presence should be the first step in tackling the question of how to promote a book before it’s published.

First, ensure that your book is available as an Amazon pre-order. Doing so will give you a direct link that you can start using in your marketing. Share it everywhere and on everything you do.

Your goal is to drive pre-orders, which will equate to more sales. And more sales in turn mean more buzz!

Next, you’ll want to be sure that your Amazon book page is going to net you the most hits possible. I’ve written often on Amazon’s internal search algorithms – check the Free Resources and Downloads section for a link that will take you to a selection of those posts.

Once your Amazon infrastructure is in place, it’s time to start teasing!

Create that buzz – because honestly, that’s what book marketing is all about. Buzz is the name of the game, and it’s how you stay ahead of the competition.

book marketing ideas

How to Promote Your Book Before It’s Published

  1. Social Media Header Graphics. Sites like Canva let you design your own for free, or you can hire this out for cheap. They’re a bold way to keep your release front and center.
  2. Author Q & A Events on Facebook. You can set these up as official events – have people RSVP, and you’ll see how fun and easy they are!
  3. Instagram Live. Instagram is easy to use and a great way to get video out there without a lot of effort. It will also help you add variety to your fan engagement.
  4. Signed copies, gift cards, swag that fits your book’s theme – ask for proof of purchase for entry and you’re set!
  5. How to promote a book before it’s published? Give people something they want, like early release of a chapter. Choose your excerpt to maximize anticipation for the book’s publication date. Your goal is to leave readers wanting more so they have to buy!
  6. Behind the Scenes Sneak Peaks. This exclusive content might be alternate covers you considered, images of your creative space, or a stack of freshly printed new releases – getting personal pays.
  7. Goodreads Giveaways. If your book is up for pre-order you can do a giveaway and send the winners galley copies. Talk about buzz worthy!
  8. Goodreads Events. When you create an event on Goodreads, you get to invite anyone in your network as part of the set up, so take advantage.
  9. Character Profiles. Release in-depth character profiles and include quirky facts, likes and dislikes, and/or photos of a celebrity you’d pick to play your character in the movie version of your book.
  10. Book Trailers. How to promote your book before it’s published, you ask? Book trailers may be the ultimate answer to this question! And the more visuals you put out there, the more memorable your book and brand will be.

Our teaser list offers a little bit of everything for all of you indie authors who are considering how to promote your book before it’s published. Pick and choose the options that work best for you, and then go hard on them.

This is the time to ping your email list, dust off your social media platforms, and fire up that newsletter. The more anticipation you can build, the better you’ll set yourself up for success when release day rolls around.

Good luck!


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