Why You Must Breathe New Life Into Your Amazon Book Promotion

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Here come the holidays and with them today’s PSA about spiffing up your Amazon book promotion game so that your books are more likely to appear in shoppers’ searches.

As a busy author myself, I know it can be tempting to load your book onto Amazon and then check that box on your To Do List and move on to the next pressing task.

The problem with this is that sometimes authors just let that book sit there on the site, unchanged, sometimes for months. We often find ourselves eagerly checking the reviews, but that’s about it.

When it comes to Amazon book promotion, the most important concept to keep in mind is that the Amazon algorithm likes and supports change. I often compare the Amazon algorithm to the one Google uses, and with good reason – their ranking systems are pretty similar.

So what does “change” mean? Well, it doesn’t have to be changing the entire book or uploading a new book cover. You can incorporate small, subtle updates to keep the algorithm for the book fresh, which will in turn keep it ranking on Amazon.

Let’s look at some things you can do!

Amazon Itself Is Always Changing

First off, it’s never a bad idea to just spend some time in your genre to see what’s new. Amazon is always changing the promotional things they offer on the site.

Change Keywords and Categories

Amazon optimization and the algorithm that drive attention to your book aren’t a one and done thing. Getting in there periodically to check on new potential keywords you could use or changing up your categories – because Amazon is adding new categories all the time – is a great way to feed the beast.

Update Your Book Description

As your book ages and grows, your book description should grow along with it. Making even small changes (like adding a standout review to the top of the book description) should be an ongoing task on your Amazon Book Promotion To-Do list.

You can revise your description to add your current keywords (or new ones you’ve just found) in more creative ways. Or maybe it’s time to refresh and change up your book description altogether. Perhaps there’s a new angle you can include that you pull from the news or pop culture

One of the things that authors are always telling me is how much they often learn post-publication. Things we “wish we knew” when our books launched. Well, this is a great time to incorporate some of that newfound knowledge into your book description!

It’s super easy to change your description, and, in fact, I know authors who are always changing theirs to add information at the bottom about new releases. Many authors I know continually pluck some standout Amazon reviews and add excerpts to their descriptions.

book marketing ideas

Change Your Subtitle

Book subtitles are always fun places to make modifications, too!

Have you revised your subtitle recently? If not, try adding some subtle changes or updates – or, if you’ve done some new keyword research, maybe a new keyword.

Consider updating the subtitle on Amazon based on positive reviews and genre themes your fans have called out over and over again.

Create Amazon Video Shorts

Have you done your video shorts yet? Why not add one or two to your Amazon book page?

These may take some more time and effort when it comes to Amazon book promotion, but they are definitely worth it.

Don’t Forget Author Central

Many authors get so focused on their Amazon book page that they forget about Author Central, and it’s a great platform for new content. Try adding an author interview or some small chapter excerpts. Even better, include additional reviews that didn’t make it into your Amazon reviews!

Author Central offers tons of ways to get creative with your Amazon book promotion. It’s the perfect place to test new ways to introduce yourself, your topic, your characters, and your brand throughout the year

Because Author Central is a fabulous place to add new content, you should get in there and start digging around. You can also update your book description while in the platform, which makes it easier to make changes to that information, too!

Reviews Always Matter

Reviews always matter. When it comes to Amazon book promotion, you want to focus on getting consistent reviews.

Don’t get lazy and let your book age without pushing for current reviews. Even one or two new reviews will show your book has staying power and that matters to potential buyers.

Not sure how to get consistent reviews? We’ll link to some prior blog posts in the resources section of this post in case you want to dig into this further!

Your Amazon book page is a great portal for sales, but in order to keep driving new sales, you have to keep it fresh – and this applies to books of any age, really.

When it comes to Amazon book promotion, updating your book page and your Author Central page are a great way to add some polish and new content – and to ping the Amazon algorithm to continue to get visibility for your book!

Carve out a little time to review your Amazon presence now and make some subtle changes, then monitor what happens and keep on evaluating the results to assess potential new changes to make.

Make reviewing your Amazon book promotion strategies a habit this November, and you’ll be sitting pretty this holiday season and beyond!

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