5 Quick Ways to Help Your Favorite Authors [INFOGRAPHIC]

by | Sep 17, 2020 | Author Branding, Book Marketing Basics

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As authors we work really hard, and we do our best to figure out how to market a book effectively, but sometimes it gets hard asking our personal networks to help us out, over and over again.
I have three words for you – DO IT ANYWAY.
People are busy but they mean well, so if you appreciate reminders, assume they do too.
I encourage you to share our infographic below, on your social media or in your newsletter, and ask them to share it as well, because it’s a simple reminder to all the book lovers out there that their actions really do make a big difference in spreading the word!
And if you want to take this to the next level, figure out a great promo to do around all of these things. If a follower or support can show you that they’ve been singing your praises, sharing your posts, recommending your book on social, posting a review on Amazon, posting a rating on Goodreads, reward them with something fun. Maybe it’s a raffle for some Amazon gift cards!
Ramp up your engagement by doing something that benefits both of you and you have a winning combination.
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