Optimizing Your Amazon Book Page to Sell More Books: Book Marketing Podcast Recap

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Amazon Updates & Marketing Tips, Podcast for Authors

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Your Amazon book page is a great way to sell more books (obviously) but so often authors don’t maximize it.

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With Amazon, Everything Matters

There isn’t a single thing related to your book page (or your book, for that matter) that doesn’t matter on Amazon – everything matters.

You may obsess over a bad review, but trust me when I say there’s a lot more to obsess about than a bad review. Because one bad review isn’t the kiss of death, but a bad book page might be.

How do Bad Amazon Reviews Factor In?

Well lots of bad reviews impact your ranking and algorithm, but one of them really doesn’t. And when you have everything else working for you, it matters even less.

They become hiccups, in the grander scheme of things – but a great Amazon book page can overshadow that.

Amazon: How to Focus on What Matters

Consider the following: No massive amounts of text on a page – because people move on quickly.

Sentence structure on subtitles is a big thing: I cite an example in the podcast, because many authors don’t factor this in – or pay attention to subtitle sentence structure.

Burying the Lead: Don’t hide your biggest plot twist, story anchor, or benefit way down on your Amazon book page – and surprisingly a lot of authors do this.

Lead with an award: Start off with an award you’ve won or a great review – start off with a brag.

And remember this, if someone is not doing well in Facebook ads, or another singular strategy, that’s often a sign that their Amazon page isn’t doing well, either.

Maximize Your Author Central Page

Now is a great time to get into your Author Central Page and update this. For example, on my How to Sell Books by the Truckload book, on my Amazon page I added my entire table of contents.

Because Amazon allows you to grab as much space as you need – so adding more content is a great way to expand your page, without it being overshadowed by any ads Amazon may be running.

Maybe add an interview with yourself, or one thing I love: Five Things About Me You Didn’t Know.

Consider adding things like hobbies – outside of writing books, what do you love doing? That personal connection really helps to make the sale.

Your Amazon Book Page is an Extension of Your Brand

The only way to really be your own brand and stand out is to be unique, which means you really have to dig into what sets you apart and what makes you unique!

Things Authors Overlook on Their Amazon Pages

Not using their subtitle – adding it to your amazon page, not just on your book. Subtitles are often overlooked.

A lot of us shop on our mobile phones, so there’s a solid chance your potential reader will miss a subtitle on your book cover – but if it’s on your Amazon page and I can guarantee you they won’t.

You can also test different versions to see which one seems to do better for you.

Adding in reviewer feedback is another big one, too – and adding it to your book description. Because people like what other people like so it helps draw the eye farther into your book description, getting folks reading and increasing the chances of making a sale.

If you’re at a loss for how to best tweak your book description, here’s a tip: read your reviews and see what some of the buzzwords are. What are readers saying over and over again? That might be something good to add to your book description or it might even spark an idea for a subtitle.

Check Goodreads for reviews too. A lot of authors forget to do this, but you might be missing out on some great reviews you could add to your Amazon book page via Author Central – because it’s easy to add reviews there, too!

Your Amazon Book Page is Free Marketing

At the end of the day, publishing and marketing your work is a big investment in time, and can be in money too, depending on your goals.

So don’t underestimate the value of what you can do for free!

And start with making your Amazon book page a sales tool potential buyers can’t say no to.

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