5 Tips for Working Amazon Pre-Order into Your Book Marketing

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Amazon’s pre-order option for KDP indie authors is a fantastic foundation for your new release’s book marketing plan.

There are a few things you want to keep in mind when exploring your options though, and how to best work a pre-order into your book marketing efforts, and I’ve detailed them below.

And once you understand your role, I’d love for you to contact me to we can discuss ways to collaborate on your release. Sometimes that next level comes with understanding the opportunities!

#1 For New Authors

As a general rule pre-order book marketing campaigns are more effective for authors that already have a fan base.

That being said, you have to start somewhere! Just don’t plan most of your time or budget solely around pre-order on your very first book.

Certainly plan to push the pre-order to friends and family, your social media following, and any newsletter or email list you’ve established.

But the real benefit to listing your book for pre-order when you’re a new author is the ability to research and play around with your keywords and categories.

#2 For Established Authors

If you’re an established author, with a couple (or more) books on your virtual shelf, and a decent following on social, your website, or on your mailing list, then a pre-order marketing plan gets more exciting.

Please know that I still recommend spending the bulk of your book marketing budget and time after the book is released, but there’s no reason to miss out on pre-order buzz.

Just be sure you’re not pushing the pre-order too soon!

Don’t expect most people to remember to come back and buy your book 4 weeks later if you don’t have a clever way to remind them multiple times.

That’s where your book marketing strategy and planning comes in.

#3 Pricing Your Pre-order

Keep your pre-order price low. Lower than your release price.

Not only does this help you compete, it encourages people to take advantage of the pre-order option, and can definitely help you secure more sales.

Because you’ll remind them they’re getting a good deal when you’re promoting your pre-order, right? This is really important.

#4 Pre-order Book Marketing

The key here is consistency, and impressions. You want to maximize on the number of impressions you get during this time.

So like I already said, have a plan.

Schedule out your social media posts if possible. Sites like Hootsuite make this easy.

Be sure to ask your fans and followers to share as well!

In addition to social media you’ll also want to take advantage of your newsletter subscribers, your mailing lists, and your Goodreads followers and groups.

Leave no opportunity untouched!

#5 Review Restrictions

The downside to Amazon’s pre-order option is that you can’t get reviews while a book is on pre-order.

But we have a workaround!

This is especially beneficial for authors who write in genres that are dominated by eBook sales. But it can work for any genre.

What you do is release your print book and push for reviews there. So if you gift books to bloggers or top reviewers, or do giveaways on Goodreads, they can post reviews to the print page.

Do your pre-order push for your eBook! Play up the discounted price, make it the focus!

Then once you release your eBook, write Amazon KDP and ask them to link the books, it’s super simple and they do it all the time for our authors.

Once they’re linked the reviews will show up on both editions, print and eBook.

Not only have you taken advantage of the unique book marketing opportunities pre-order presents, you’ve drummed up some new release reviews in the process!

The Takeaway

Amazon pre-order is a great opportunity and you should strongly consider making it a part of your book marketing plan.

But remember, it shouldn’t be the cornerstone to your book marketing.

No single marketing effort will make or break your book’s success; the key is building your exposure to new readers using a lot of different channels and strategies.

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  1. Joseph Lytell

    Great information I wish I would’ve read this a week ago as my first book is in pre-order status being launched November 21 and I am trying to figure out all these details, although they are overwhelming to say the least if you could reach out to me so we can go over some of these finer details. I would appreciate your time and energy. hope to talk soon take care.



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