Book Sales: Why and How Self-Published Authors Are Taking the Lead

by | May 16, 2024 | Podcast for Authors

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Not everyone talks about it, but all authors want to sell books. And we know a lot of you secretly (or not so secretly) would love to make enough to be a full-time author.

But is achieving significant sales still a possibility? The surprising answer lies in the realm of self-publishing, where a lot of successful authors are find their footing.

Join us as we go through some suprising statistics and dissect the advantages that heavily favor self-published authors in today’s dynamic market. From increased creative control to streamlined publishing processes, discover why this avenue has become a beacon of opportunity for aspiring bestselling authors.

Plus we’ve got some solid “rags to riches” examples to remind you anything is possible if you know how to write a great book and you put in the work!

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