Quiz: Are You Using These Next Level Author Marketing Strategies?

by | May 23, 2023 | Bestseller Essentials

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Author marketing can turn into a second job if you’re not working strategically!

It can also seem like an uphill battle if you’re spinning your wheels and not seeing a return on your efforts.

Why? Well, sometimes it’s just a matter of not making progress. If you’re executing all the “standard” author marketing strategies already, but not really feeling the love, then it’s probably time to level up!

Yes, we’re big proponents of getting all the foundational elements right, like an excellent Amazon retail page, strategic keywords, limited-time discount promotions, etc. but at some point you have to do more.

Take our quiz to see how many of these next-level author marketing strategies you’re already doing, and which ones you should add to your to-do list!

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