Getting Permission to Use Reviews, Blurbs and Likenesses

by | Feb 16, 2023 | Podcast for Authors

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Permissions aren’t fun or sexy – but they’re necessary. Any time you’re using someone else’s words, praise, input or inspiration there are right and wrong ways to go about it.

Our goal for this episode is to share some pitfalls other authors have experienced so you can better avoid them!

Because you should absolutely shout accolades from the rooftops, and sharing your inspiration and process are what help you create a unique author brand, you just don’t want to get so caught up in everything you’re building that you forget to share the love along the way.

Examples of When You Need Permission

Reviews: anytime you get a review, whether it’s from an everyday reader or a big industry group, you want to cite who or where the review came from. And the bigger the name, the more you should document it. Like a link to the reviewer group’s site or social media where you were featured. Many also have badges, logos, etc. available as well.

Facts and information: if you’re having shades of high school research assignments, that tracks. There’s no such thing as over-citing information and facts you get from other sources. There are really creative ways to do this, and don’t think of it as hampering your process, what it really does is show how much time and energy you’ve put into becoming an expert in your topic.

Inspiration: we’ve worked with a number of authors who have written fictionalized stories about real-life experiences, people, or events, and some have had an easy road – and others have run into roadblocks. And the roadblocks usually stem from not getting the proper permissions from individuals, groups, or sometimes families associated with the stories early enough in the writing or production process.

As we said, this isn’t a “fun” topic but it’s a big part of being a professional author, and we want you on the right track.

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