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by | Dec 20, 2022 | Podcast for Authors, Social Media for Authors

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If you’re a consistent follower of the blog you’ve likely noticed we’ve been featuring episodes of our podcast lately, and we’re doing that to draw attention to important topics, like using Instagram for books, in ways that further enhance understanding.

Let me explain!

Obviously we’re fans of blog posts and articles, but a lot of what goes on in publishing and book marketing can be understood even better through smart conversations and brainstorming, and that’s what Amy and I aim to achieve with the podcast – along with some unplanned and unfiltered levity!

So this episode takes us back to the discussion of using Instagram for books, networking with Bookstagrammers (influencers and thought leaders), and also using Instagram to support your author brand and platform, and future releases.

Just a few factors to keep in mind:

  • Using Instagram for books is for branding, not direct sales
  • Sales will come organically if you create a presence that your market finds helpful, funny, relatable, etc.
  • Networking with Bookstagrammers is more effective if you’re using the platform properly
  • How to plan and make the most of Bookstagram features
  • There are right and wrong ways to pitch yourself on Instagram and anywhere else!

So take a listen, whether you’re already using Instagram, if you’re Instagram-curious, or even if you’ve sworn off social media – I know, I know, but I’ve had clients start with us eschewing social media that actually end up starting an Instagram account!

No matter what your situation, understanding how to use Instagram for books is still going to enhance your industry knowledge in a lot of positive ways, because there’s a lot of crossover in best practices in this industry.

Hopefully you’re intrigued enough to listen to the whole episode, and we look forward to your feedback on the show!

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