Infographic: 6 Reasons Self-Publishing Your eBook Can Guarantee More Sales

by | Aug 11, 2022 | Being in Business as an Author

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Self-publishing your eBook is a surefire way to boost your sales and drive up your exposure. Really! I can’t tell you how may authors I’ve worked with on their new titles who don’t realize there are some really strategic benefits to doing this.

And there are two situations where this is really applicable:

Situation one is if you’re using a small publisher or publishing service and simply assume you need to use them for every edition of your book. Part of the allure is the convenience factor. Totally fair!

Situation number two is that you’re thinking you might want to first test the market with your print book. Maybe you’re thinking you’ll make more money by sticking to print. Maybe you’re planning on an eBook but haven’t committed to a release date.

For situation number one, just know that it can be great getting assistance for your print book. They’ll help secure distribution, make your title more accessible to libraries; the list goes on for print benefits.

But the tips below will hopefully convince you why you’ll want to self-publish your eBook and maintain more control from day one!

If you resonate more with the second situation, then everything I’m about to cover automatically applies, so let’s get rolling on the good stuff!

6 Reasons Self-Publishing Your eBook Can Guarantee More Sales

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  1. Karen Casey Fitzjerrell

    I am confused. Why would publishers, publishing services hold back on e-books? I understand the benefit to the authors to do it themselves but not why publishers take the e-book option “off the table.”

    And, if I may leave the subject for a bit…. WHY do you use such a pale grey for your font. It is absolutely maddening to read!

    • Penny Sansevieri

      Hi Karen! First, thanks for taking an interest in our blog! In response to your question, some publishers in fact do hold back on eBook editions – sometimes University Presses do this – also sometimes publishers just delay book editions, for whatever reason they like to space them out.

      Thanks for posting!



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