Marketing Strategies for Children’s Books: Book Marketing Podcast Episode

by | Jul 14, 2022 | Podcast for Authors

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After Amy volunteered at her kids’ annual book fair, she gained so much great real-world insight that she and Penny just had to do a book marketing podcast episode dedicated to the children’s book market and its authors.

Here are a couple tips to get you started!

Marketing Strategy #1

Kids love pictures. Kids love color. Amy was thrilled to learn that kids of all ages decide what books to buy based on the book’s cover! Amy and Penny have been talking about children’s book marketing strategies a lot when working with authors, and first impressions are worth their weight in gold to both adults and kids alike.

Marketing Strategy #2

When kids find a good book that they can’t put down, not unlike adults, they want to read more stories by the same author. Understanding that kids are brand loyal is a key book marketing strategy to get them coming back for more. What’s more is that kids have a lot of free time, so the more series, the better.

To hear all the other notable and strategic children’s market tips and insights Penny and Amy discussed, be sure to listen to the entire episode!

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