How to Market Your Book Without Losing Your Mind

by | Apr 14, 2022 | Book Marketing Basics

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Yes, it’s so much more fun to write, but honestly I can share a few tips that will help you figure out how to market your book without totally losing your mind!

First, create a plan. And no, it doesn’t have to be super complicated, so if you’re “not a planner” stick with me – it’s just to provide a bit more structure. Download our Monthly Book Marketing Planner from the Resources section below if you haven’t already. Print out a few month’s worth, and grab a pen.

What are you already doing that you feel pretty good about? There’s probably something. Maybe you’re already comfortable running limited time discount eBook promotions and you have some go-to sites you promote those on. Add that strategy to your Planner.

Next, figure out how to market your book for free. It can’t all be free, but you definitely don’t want to leave anything free on the table. Check your Author Central and your Amazon retail pages – are they current? Are they impressive? Add reviewing your Amazon presence to your Planner. The goal should be to find ways to regularly improve how you’re selling yourself and your books.

Then decide how to market your book in a new way! For example, if you’re not already doing BookBub ads, learn. Claim your author profile too. Add a BookBub ad campaign to your Planner each month.

The point is – start writing down all the things you know you can do, and a couple things you can easily learn to do.

When you get your Planner looking nice and robust it’s going to be much easier, and less scary, to stick to a marketing plan that will actually start drawing in new potential buyers.

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