QUIZ: How Will This Amazon Ads Update Impact Author Marketing?

by | Mar 24, 2022 | Amazon Updates & Marketing Tips

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You’ve probably heard by now, the Amazon ads team just opened up Amazon ads to every author. Previously you had to be a KDP author to get this, but now everyone from traditionally published authors to independently published authors can run ads on Amazon. This opened the door to opportunities for more author marketing strategies for clients we work with, so I was extremely excited to hear about this. However, I have to admit I was also a bit wary, because everyone means everyone, and Amazon ads are complicated.

Amazon ads require a certain level of commitment, research, and expertise in order for them to be successful. With this new update, we can expect a big push of companies offering Amazon ad packages with crazy deals, but cheaper isn’t better in this case. You want to make sure you are trusting a reputable marketing company, with specific experience running Amazon Ads.

For example, I am a part of Amazon’s Ad Advisory Board, which has been a huge honor and an eye-opening experience. Don’t trust your reputation with Amazon, your author marketing, and your potential success to just anyone!

We created a quiz based on our podcast Minisode: Big Changes with Amazon Ads! to highlight some essential details surrounding this exciting Amazon update.

If you haven’t listened, I highly recommend it!

We break down what this update means for authors, and explain why this is both amazing news, and potentially troubling news.

I need to mention again, there’s no hard and fast rule or perfect equation for success when it comes to author marketing.

However, we will always be super honest with you, and success takes work. It requires educating yourself, and it requires committing to doing it better going forward.

The beauty with book marketing is you get a fresh start with each title you release!

So don’t be afraid to share your score and anything you learned in the comment section. I assure you you’re in good company because part of learning is making mistakes.

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  1. Stephen Davenport

    I got 100% ( one of the few times I ever got an A+) but, in spite of good reviews such as a starred review from Kirkus, for “The Encampment, plus choosing “The Encampment,” as one of the 100 best indie published books of 2020, nothing I, or the marketing director of West margin Press, my publisher, has ever done re advertising has increased sales, and the book continues to not attract readers.


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