How to Sell More Books Direct to Consumer (Yes, We Mean Sidestepping Amazon)

by | Oct 7, 2021 | Podcast for Authors

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Before we delve into today’s blog post about how to sell more books direct to consumers, we want you to know about an exciting announcement!

It’s finally here – Book to Bestseller: The Savvy Author’s Guide to Book Promotion, Smart Branding, and Longterm Success is up on Amazon for pre-order and that means it’s time to announce all the fantastic promotions we’ve been planning to celebrate!

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How to Sell More Books Direct to Consumer (Yes, We Mean Sidestepping Amazon) is a recap of a recent episode on our Book Marketing Tips & Author Success podcast.

Be sure to download and listen to the show for all the details, recommendations, and considerations!

You might think selling directly to the consumer is a lot of work; you might even try to avoid it–but that would be a mistake. In this podcast, we dig into the things you can do to leverage your direct access to readers–and get them buying your books.

Selling books directly to consumers is becoming a more and more necessary strategy in the book-selling world. All of us–authors and publishers alike–are realizing that it’s possible to be too reliant on outside sources, like Amazon, for our book sales because the reality is Amazon prioritizes their supplies over books.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sell on Amazon, that would be a mistake, but it’s smart to start thinking about other book-selling options, as well–like the direct-to-consumer option.

If you’re wondering how to sell more books direct to consumers, then keep reading!

An Enticing Offer on Your Website Will Build a Solid Contact List

How to sell books and more of them depends on creating and building direct access to potential readers. You want those email addresses, but how will you get them?

The answer: by offering something on your website that your visitors will find valuable. It could be access to your newsletter, first-purchase discounts, or a free download. Nonfiction authors could offer coupons if they also sell additional products or services.

Whatever it is that you’ll offer on your website, make sure it will compel readers to enter their email information to get it.

For example, here at AME, we offer a free, valuable download of a monthly book marketing planner. Many authors have found it helpful and definitely worth their while to visit our website and download the planner.

Another option to build a solid contact list is to hold joint events with other authors and cross-promote your books. By trading email lists, both of you benefit!

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Make It as Easy as Possible to Find Your Website

Think about your presence online, aside from your website; do you have book trailers or keep active on your social media? Do these online outlets have a link to your website? They really should because when considering how to sell books direct to consumers, it’s all about driving buyers to your website.

One option some authors have used is creating a QR code, which is a fast and easy way for your readers to get right to your website simply by scanning the code.

A really nice thing about getting your potential buyers to your website is that, unlike Amazon, your website is all about you and your books–so you don’t have any competitors cluttering up the page!

How to Sell More Books Direct to Consumers

Selling your books directly to your buyers presents an easy for you to personalize their purchases, perhaps with an autographed copy or a hand-written message on the first page of your book. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to build a strong reader base, too.

Another thing to keep in mind: capitalizing on holidays is always a “must” in sales, but when selling books from your website, you can decide on when and what holidays to celebrate!

For example, did you know there’s such a thing as National Cookie Month (in October)? Create a themed purchase and pair your books with gourmet cookies. You can be the creator in control of clever and fun reasons to buy your books!

Managing Shipping Fees

It’s true that Amazon Prime members get free shipping with their purchases, but consider offering the bonus of free shipping from your website, too. You are better off factoring the price of shipping into the cost of your book so there aren’t any surprise charges when your buyer comes to the checkout page.

For more direct-to-consumer sales ideas, including preorders, promos, and even BOGOs where the purchase of your book on Amazon entitles buyers to a freebie from your website (where they can be added to your contact list), head over to our podcast and listen to the full episode.

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