Your Must-Listen Minisode Round-Up: Book Marketing Podcast Recap

by | Sep 16, 2021 | Podcast for Authors

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Here’s the most recent, must-listen list of some of our top-reviewed book marketing podcast minisodes!

If you’re wondering how to market your books in a way that doesn’t leave you exhausted, then the minisodes on our book marketing podcast are exactly what you need to keep moving the needle, without totally losing steam.

Each focuses on a particular book promotion topic that will guide your book marketing or author branding efforts–and make you feel more savvy too!

Read on to learn about book blurbs, reviews, media kits, press releases, and those seemingly small book marketing details that could be working against you. And if all this gets you thinking, use the links at the bottom of the post to listen to each minisode.

Real Talk About Book Blurbs

Yes, we would all love blurbs for our covers and in prep for our releases, but they’re tough to get. Luckily today’s market gives you more options and is a lot more flexible!

Just what are those flexible options and how will they support book marketing for self-published authors? Listen to this short minisode to find out!

how to sell self published books through your website

Fun Ways to Enhance Your Amazon Reviews and Editorial Reviews

Ready to dress up your Amazon page? In this episode, we unpack some quick ways to dress up your Amazon book page with review enhancements and fun ways to drive more attention to your fabulous reviews!

Not the creative type? Don’t worry–it’s simple, easy, and can make a real difference in getting your reviews noticed!

Media Kits and Press Releases

Do media kits and press releases still matter? A lot of authors still want one, but does it really make sense, and will it move the needle?

Here we talk about a better option to replace the dated idea of media kits and press releases so that book marketing for self-published authors doesn’t become an overwhelming task.

Don’t Promote Something That’s Working Against You

I’m betting when you read this title, you thought: “I’m proud of my book!” But we aren’t talking about your book, we’re talking about the things you may not have considered – like a social media channel you hardly ever use that’s still in your signature line or on your website, or a release date announcement that’s long since expired…as we often say: Details matter.

In this episode, we’re breaking down what to pay attention to, and what you may have overlooked that’s making you look less professional than we know you want to be!

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Minisode: Fun Ways to Enhance Your Amazon Reviews and Editorial Reviews

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Minisode: Don’t Promote Something That’s Working Against You

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