How to Get Creative with BookBub to Sell More Self Published Books (Book Marketing Podcast)

by | Sep 15, 2020 | Book Marketing Basics, Marketing Your eBook

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Readers love Bookbub (what’s not to love about free eBooks?), but authors are sometimes stumped about how to use the platform to sell more self published books.

In this episode, we discuss Bookbub’s business model and why it appeals to readers, then break down the difference between ads and deals before offering some tips on how to best use the site to maximize your book marketing strategies.

We go deep in our discussion about how to creatively use Bookbub to sell more self published books, so be sure to download and listen to the show for all the details, recommendations, and considerations!

Using Bookbub Ads to Sell More Self Published Books

On Bookbub, ads are completely separate from deals; anyone can run ads anytime they want, whereas deals are hard to get, especially if you’re a new author or you don’t have a very strong platform yet.

Authors looking to run their own ad sets on Bookbub will find a lot of great information in our Master Amazon Video membership. Try different ad approaches based on your book genre and based on popular authors in your genre. Keep these approaches separate to see where you get more engagement.

You’ll also want to test whether a custom image or the template ad Bookbub provides gives you better engagement. The template is really handy, but it’s definitely not the best way to stand out. If you’re looking for more flash and flare, you might try an online platform like Book Brush, which is easy to use and creates ads perfectly sized for Bookbub.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on Bookbub to sell more self published books. You can get a lot of focused engagement for as little as $10, and that’s a great starting price point if you’re new to the platform and just testing the waters to see what seems to resonate with readers.

Consider adding Bookbub ads to your regular marketing efforts as a way to support your other work. Sales are made through multiple impressions, and Bookbub ads can be an effective part of your answer to the question of how to sell more self published books.

How to Sell Self Published Books

Bookbub Networking Opportunities

Don’t overlook the networking opportunities Bookbub offers! Create a strong author profile and make sure that you add your picture and a bio. If your profile is up-to-date and available, you can take advantage of author sign up suggestions, profile recommendations, and recommended author emails. All of these are free services and can help you to sell more self published books.

Like Goodreads, Bookbub is a reader-centric platform, and like Amazon, it offers an author follow button. But unlike both Goodreads and Amazon, there’s less noise on Bookbub, so it’s easier to gain the attention of visitors.

You can easily build your followers by doing a few quick reviews/recommendations on your profile. And you can share your profile on social media, too!

So how can you use Bookbub to sell more self published books? Start with these tips, give the podcast a listen, and then get ready for some creative play on the Bookbub platform. You may find that it offers just what you’ve been looking for.

Happy selling!

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