Facebook Profile, Facebook Page or a Group – Which One Do You Need: Book Marketing Podcast Recap

by | Aug 20, 2020 | Podcast for Authors, Social Media for Authors

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This is our first listener inspired book marketing podcast episode!

We know most of you probably have a real love-hate relationship with social media and we get asked this a lot, about whether to have a fan page, a personal profile, or a group.

But wait! We covered so much more in our podcast episode on this topic so be sure to download and listen to the show for all the details, recommendations and considerations!

Different Options Covered in the Book Marketing Podcast

The biggest difference is that profiles are designed for individuals, for quite literally, social networking. Pages are designed for professionals, businesses, groups, organizations, etc. because they’re set up to communicate information that is typically important to a consumer, including reviews. As we discussed in this latest episode of our book marketing podcast, Facebook groups can be started by anyone, and these are a great option if you’re pulling together a lot of like-minded individuals with a shared goal or interest.

Understanding Good Content

Your content should always be about engagement. So no matter what kind of account you feel makes the most sense for how you want to use Facebook, and how you want it to represent your brand, what matters most is that you’re giving people interesting, fun, engaging content.

No matter which option you think will work best for you, you’re still a brand if you’re using social media to support your book marketing.

Be Unique, Authentic, and Be a Business

So while you want to be authentic and interesting and unique, if your goal is to build your followers and sell books, you also have to remember that as an author you’re also a business, so you do need to hold yourself to a certain level of professionalism and stay “on brand” with whatever genre you write in or where your area of expertise lies.

Figure out what you want your Facebook account to say about you, consider how big you want to grow your following one day, if you feel you won’t be able to keep up with the content demands then maybe a Group is more your style, where you can really plan out specific online activities, events, promotions, etc. and make those the focus, versus what you post every single day. Don’t forget to tune into our next book marketing podcast episode to keep this promotion conversation going!

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