December Observances to Inspire Your Author Marketing

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Welcome to our list of December observances and content ideas for your monthly author marketing plan!

If you’re committed to making this year one of your most successful yet – we can help you do that.

If you haven’t downloaded our Monthly Book Marketing Planner yet you can grab that at the bottom of this piece in our resources section.

Remember, without regular connections to readers, you’re just another book on the shelf (literal or virtual) they have no vested interest in…so take the time to make yourself stand out by using our monthly observances and tips to create interesting content with your own unique twist.

Another great reason to bookmark this author marketing resource? Timely content that uses popular and trending search terms and hashtags, is a great way to enhance your visibility and improve SEO in a very simple way.

And what’s really key: content ideas don’t always have to stem from your genre or topic.

When it comes to author marketing and building a brand, ensuring fans and followers have ways to connect with you on a more personal level is equally as powerful as ensuring you also make time to really speak to your genre and topic.

How to Use My Content Ideas

Below are holidays and just plain wacky and fun December Observances in 2019.

I’ve also included a few content ideas and angles to help spark your creativity!

Remember, not all these are worth an entire blog post or article, but nearly all of them can be turned into a fun or thought provoking social media post or blurb in your newsletter – so it’s like getting triple the ideas!

Keep in mind, nearly all your posts should encourage your fans and followers to respond, chime in, share their stories, etc. so don’t forget to work in that angle.

I mention it as part of my recommendations occasionally, but please know that encouraging engagement is always the goal – so never post “flat” content, always get creative with how you can pull others into the conversation, and easily.

And if you’re feeling a little guilty about the lack of promotion planning you’ve done so far this year, use this list as a productive kick in the rear, commit to writing something for each of the holidays listed, use it on social, for your blog, in your newsletter – get creative – but giving yourself a bar to reach is the first step.

Do polls, giveaways, fan art contests, remember to make it about your readers – not about you – and you’re guaranteed to see better engagement.

If you need some additional support on how to translate these ideas to actual content and posts, please consider signing up for email coaching with me and we’ll get personal!

Getting Started with Content Ideas

December 1

National Pie Day – If you have an award-winning recipe, share with your followers.

National Eat a Red Apple Day

Day With(out) Art Day

Rosa Parks Day

December 2

National Fritters Day

National Mutt Day – Dogs always break the Internet, show off your furry editor.

Special Education Day

Cyber Monday – Get those eBook sales today and promote the heck out of your work!

December 3

National Roof Over Your Head Day

World Trick Shot Day

National Day of Giving – If you and your family focus on acts of service this time of year be sure to encourage others to do the same.

December 4

National Cookie Day

National Dice Day

National Sock Day

December 5

Bathtub Party Day

International Ninja Day

National Repeal Day

December 6

National Microwave Oven Day

St. Nicholas Day

Miners’ Day

Faux Fur Friday

National Bartender Day – Let’s share our favorite cocktails!

December 7

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

National Cotton Candy Day

National Rhubarb Vodka Day – If you’ve tried it, I want to hear about it!

December 8

National Brownie Day

Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day – If you have time travel in your novel you better be ready to promote.

December 10

Dewey Decimal System Day

National Lager Day

Human Rights Day

Nobel Prize Day

Time to Get Creative with Your Author Marketing

December 12

Gingerbread House Day – If you participate in this time honored tradition share a photo with your network.

Poinsettia Day

December 13

National Cocoa Day

National Violin Day

National Guard Birthday

December 14

National Wreaths Across America Day

December 15

National Cupcake/ Lemon Cupcake Day

Bill of Rights Day

Cat Herders Day

National Wear Your Pearls Day

December 16

National Chocolate-covered Anything Day

December 17

National Maple Syrup Day

Wright Brothers Day

December 18

National Roast Suckling Pig Day

Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf Day – Who’s going to do it? I want to call you!

December 19

National Hard Candy Day

National Oatmeal Muffin Day

December is Almost Over

December 20

National Sangria Day

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day – Selfies please!

Underdog Day

December 21

National French Fried Shrimp Day

Crossword Puzzle Day

Humbug Day

Winter Solstice

Celebrate Short Fiction Day – The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, why not celebrate with some short stories?

December 22

National Date Nut Bread Day

December 23

National Pfeffernusse Day

National Roots Day


Forefathers Day

Chanukah Begins

December 24

National Eggnog Day

Christmas Eve

December 25

National Pumpkin Pie Day


December 26

National Candy Cane Day

National Thank-you Note Day – Seriously, already? But if you’re an author, this is a great reminder to reach out and thank those you networked with in 2019, including bloggers, other authors, be memorable and it will carry you far.

National Whiner’s Day

December 28

National Short Film Day

National Chocolate Candy Day

National Card Playing Day

Pledge of Allegiance Day

December 30

Falling Needles Family Fest Day

Bacon Day

December 31

National Champagne Day

No Interruptions Day – Last Work Day of the Year

Make Up Your Mind Day – Are you going to be a stronger book promoter in 2020?!

New Years Eve

Universal Hour of Peace

The Takeaway

Remember, being an author demands creativity, and it also demands authenticity.

Coming up with unique content ideas as part of your author marketing plan is a great way to take your success seriously, without taking yourself too seriously! And these December observances should really help.

Have plans for a fun take on any of these ideas? Share below in the comments!

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