Quick and Free Author Marketing Strategies for the Weekend

by | Apr 6, 2018 | Book Marketing Basics

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Author marketing can take up a lot of time and let’s be honest, it’s not totally free.

So I’d like to balance out some of the tougher, more costly strategies with things you can do to improve your overall author marketing with minimal effort and no cost.

Because who can’t get on board with easy and free?

Give these weekend author marketing strategies a try!

Here are some author marketing strategies to run through this weekend to kick off Monday in a better market position:

Claim your Author Profile on Bookbub and get your books listed. It’s free to submit your book to be added to your profile.

Publish one of your popular blog posts on Medium. It’s fast and super easy to find new readers and extend your author marketing.

Claim and fill out your author page on Goodreads and claim ALL your books. At minimum you should have representation on this site, even if you haven’t taken steps to use all its features yet as part of your well-rounded author marketing approach…yet.

Comment on a post on a popular blog or newspaper article. Commenting is one of the most effective ways to get noticed as an indie author. If there is the option to reply to already posted comments, even better, as you will be entering into a conversation and getting a chance to show off your knowledge or experience in a key area of interest to those who frequent that site.

Leave five of your author business cards around town this weekend. If you have a way for someone to use a coupon code on your site – jot that down as well to really up the ante!

Join a writers group. Sometimes other writers have good ideas you can steal, huh?

Quick and free social media ideas

Follow 100 people on Twitter. On average about 20 will follow you back. Do it regularly and you will build a solid following to help your author marketing on Twitter.

Follow 10 friends of your friends on Facebook. You’ll be surprised how many will accept your request because they will see that you are in some way connected to them. You never know, you might be connecting with new fans!

Follow 10 authors in your genre on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (or whatever platforms you frequent). Not only is this good networking, you’ll also likely pick up some tips and tricks of the trade and learn from their own author marketing activities.

Share five posts of interest on Twitter, Facebook or any of your social media accounts. It’s amazing how many people will notice and perhaps follow you back because you are sharing and playing nice, and not shoving your books down people’s throats.

Strengthen your infrastructure and knowledge base

Brainstorm a bunch of ideas for your next blog posts. Don’t overthink it, don’t commit to all of them, just jot down every single idea that comes to you. Overthinking can be one of your biggest author marketing downfalls.

Google search ‘book marketing for 2018’ and read two articles. You won’t ever come up with new ideas if you’re not always trying to learn. Learning does take time, but it’s free – pick your battles.

Look at your blog or website and find three improvements you can make. Or, look at other authors’ sites and steal a few ideas you’re missing out on.

Read up on SEO and learn to write your blog posts around keywords to increase visitor traffic.

Read your author bio on Amazon and social media. Spend five minutes thinking about how you could improve it and make notes.

Finally, if you haven’t downloaded my monthly book marketing planner yet, it’s also free. Being organized is a powerful strategy!

Have another quick, free author marketing strategy you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments, and please share how you’re using your weekend to sell more books!




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