5 Strategies for Releasing a Boxed Set to Sell More Books

by | Mar 23, 2018 | Book Marketing Basics

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Make it Look Impressive

Boxed sets are products, and their presentation and branding are a key component of your author marketing that you should carefully consider.

The first mistake you want to avoid is designing your own cover with a mish-mash of images you already have of the separate titles. I know it’s tempting. But if it doesn’t “look” like the high quality boxed sets readers are used to, you won’t sell more books.

Below is a great example of a cover image that really makes the author look professional. And, it really gives the reader the feeling they want to have when buying a boxed set. This is important, even if it’s only in digital format.

5 Strategies for Releasing a Boxed Set to Sell More Books | AMarketingExpert.com

Most product purchases are emotional. And books definitely fall into this category, so don’t forget that.

Make it a Deal They Can’t Refuse

When pricing your boxed set you want to make it a deal people can’t refuse. Boxed sets are not your bread and butter. So, that shouldn’t be the bar you hold them to. But, their purpose is to pull new readers in and convert them to long term fans as simply as possible.

Think about it. All the author marketing effort you’d have to do for each book separately, you can now condense into a single product. Appealing, right?

So if you want to sell more books in the long term, you can get people on board with your brand right away. And a boxed set makes it a no-brainer investment.

The boxed set below is priced to essentially give readers a book for free, which is really hard to pass up! Remember, everyone loves a deal!

5 Strategies for Releasing a Boxed Set to Sell More Books | AMarketingExpert.com

Run a Discount Promotion to Sell More Books

Yes, your boxed set should be priced competitively. But discount promotions are great ways to kickstart or revive exposure to any title. And boxed sets aren’t excluded in this.

Remember boxed sets are about converting fans. They’re not your instant big money makers strategies (do those even exist?). So embrace the discount promotions and the thousands of new people your books will be introduced to.

The idea behind discount promotions is that you’ll sell more books in the long run, it’s a numbers game, the more books in hands, the more potential return buyers.

Run Social Media Ads

Social media ads can be tricky and hard to master. But they definitely have their place in your big picture author marketing plan, when used appropriately.

We already know that when the cover is great, and the price is right, a boxed set can make for a really appealing purchase. In a lot of ways, it’s selling itself much better than a standalone book does.

So take that a step further. Promote the boxed set on your social platforms to very targeted audiences that like your genre, and already follow bigger name authors you’re competing with. Targeted ads for really strong products, like boxed sets, are justifiable ways to use an ad budget.

Plan Social Media Content

I’m a big proponent of planning, because it ensures your author marketing gets done even when life gets in the way. If everything is planned, it can roll out on schedule with minimal headaches or drama, even if you’re juggling other unexpected responsibilities. If you haven’t downloaded my free monthly planner yet, you can get it here. It’s the perfect way to plan out your author marketing strategies.

If you want to sell more books with your boxed set, you need to ensure people know it exists and you need to tap into your networks.

Be sure you’re using your social media to send people to Amazon, to remind them of what a great deal it is, especially when you do boxed sets.

I’ve done pieces on how to use social to promote giveaways. One great way to use social is by asking people to share or re-Tweet your posts in exchange for entry into a giveaway.  And, of course, the giveaway would be for their own free copy!

You get so much more exposure, to people you’d never reach otherwise, it’s brilliant.



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