5 Ways to Sell More Books with Your Eyes Closed

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Book Marketing Basics, Marketing Your eBook

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Okay, maybe you can’t sell too many more books with your eyes closed, but as the saying implies, these tips really are too easy to ignore!

Remember, you can hire a book marketing company for your big release, or to promote your backlist. But no successful author makes it big by expecting everyone else to do the work and sell more books for them.

If you want to sell more books you need to develop and stick to a solid, yet manageable, author marketing plan.

I say manageable because like a diet or exercise routine, if your author marketing plan isn’t realistic, you’re more likely to give up – that’s just the reality.

So here are 5 super easy ways to make a big impact on your goal to sell more books:

Ask for Book Reviews

I can’t stress this enough. As the owner of a book marketing company, one of the biggest hurdles I face is getting book reviews.

Yes, I have a network I can introduce titles to to get book reviews, but that only goes so far. You need to be asking for reviews anywhere, everywhere, and as often as you can.

The reality is, most people get busy, but they mean well. So get out of your head if you feel like a pest and feel confident that more book reviews are simply an email or social media post away. When you look at it that way it’s really quite simple.

Thank Reviewers

This is an often-overlooked author marketing strategy but it’s a great way to gain super fans and sell more books in the long run.

If you didn’t know, Amazon lets people comment on product reviews, including book reviews.

So use the comment feature to thank people who have reviewed your book positively, if you have another releasing coming out soon let them know. If someone had a few critical notes of your book keep it classy, and see if you can’t address them in a positive, productive way that will make you come across as an author that’s truly dedicated to readers and fans of your genre or topic.

Update Your Categories and Keywords to Sell More Books

My book marketing company offers custom category and keyword research, but I’ve also put out a lot of free info out there on how to tackle this yourself.

If you want to sell more books you need to be showing up in searches being done by buyers in your target market. This is where good keywords come in.

And keywords change and evolve throughout the year, with seasons, holidays, etc. so this is not a stagnant author marketing strategy.

Making sure you’re in super niche categories essentially means you’ll rank higher with every sale. So be sure you’ve gone down the rabbit hole as far as you can, and you better your chances of having a top 10 or number 1 book!

Update All Your Bios

Hopefully you have something new or exciting to report!

If you want to sell more books you need to keep your fans and potential buyers interested in what’s happening right now – demand their attention.

Update your bios on your social, on Amazon, your website, and anywhere else you’re represented online. Highlight an upcoming release, an interview you just did, whatever you can do to keep you and your brand current.

Set Up an eBook Promotion

If you want to sell more books you need to get in front of more readers and buyers.

It’s really basic math.

It’s ideal if you can discount your book for the promotion dates, but not absolutely necessary. If you have control over your Amazon account and pricing, drop the price. Everyone loves a sale, even if they save $1.00. It adds urgency.

If you don’t have control over your pricing, and your eBook at least falls in the sweet spot, so $5.99 or less, you can get away without discounting and still get decent spikes in traffic and sell more books in a short period of time.

Plenty of eBook promotion sites, like Kindle Nation Daily, offer promotion opportunities to both discounted books AND full price books.



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