New Year’s Resolutions for Indie Authors

by | Dec 27, 2017 | Book Marketing Basics

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It’s that time of the year where we as indie authors need to reflect back on our book marketing.  Think about what you did and didn’t do? What can you do better? Here are the strategies that I suggest to do more as an indie author in 2018.

Do more giveaways and bonus content

Giveaways and bonus content are great ways to keep your fans engaged.

They also show that it’s about more than just buying your books, it shows you value their continued loyalty and you’re willing to go the extra mile to make them feel appreciated.

It also ensures they keep coming back to see what you’re up to!

I wrote about giveaways and bonus content recently and there are some great ideas for indie authors, check it out.

Do monthly discount promotions

Discount promotions are a great book marketing strategy to keep drawing in new potential buyers.

If you’re an indie author you should have full control over your pricing, which means you can do short, 48-hour discounts and promote the hell out of them!

Be sure to post the discount information on all the free eBook promotion sites out there, and if you can work it into your budget, do at least one paid one.

Create polls, Q&As, and online events on social

If you’re on social be sure your blatant promotion only makes up 30% of your content, at the very most.

Why? Because people don’t like being sold all the time. I’m sure you don’t, so why would your fans be any different?

There are lots of fun things to do on social to shake things up so you’re not always posting links to your books or general life updates. Get creative!

Create effective email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is an effective way to stay in touch with buyers, and especially important if you’re not a big fan of social media.

As an indie author you don’t have a big publishing house behind you so you need to do what they normally would – but I assure you, you can do it better.

Email marketing gives you a consistent excuse to talk to your fans, promote upcoming releases, brag on bonus content, giveaways and events, the options are nearly endless.

Author Reach specifically focuses on email marketing for authors, so if you don’t have a rock solid process set up to reach your mailing list.

Push for more reviews

You don’t have enough reviews.

Why? Because Amazon’s algorithm responds to reviews, so unless you’ve sold enough books, adding more reviews will continue to serve your book well.

Most people mean well and are happy to review, but they often get busy, so they appreciate reminders. Social media and email marketing are great channels for this.

Pitch bloggers consistently

Bloggers have great followings, but they’re also busy. So like that Bookbub deal you should always be vying for, you should always be pitching bloggers.

Usually it’s all about timing. So keep it short and sweet, don’t be a pest, but be persistent and remember – the more work you do for them, the easier it is to say yes.

What I mean is, give them ideas for angles, interviews, or highlight some great reviews you’ve gotten or awards. Basically help them understand why your book is a sure thing, and something their followers will benefit from.

If you don’t know where to begin, contact me and I’ll help you with a personalized strategies to help you be ready for big media.

Get active in Goodreads groups

Indie authors have mixed feelings about Goodreads, but at the end of the day, it’s still the largest collection of avid book lovers online.

So suck it up, check your ego at the door, and get involved so these super readers start recognizing your name and your titles. Because brand recognition is smart book marketing.

Get in good with your genre readers on Goodreads and you can start to see more consistent sales for your releases.

Do monthly Goodreads giveaways

Goodreads giveaways are changing in January and I’ll be writing about that new process and the results after I try it out, but either way, I can already tell you the exposure is still worth it.

I recommend doing a Goodreads giveaway just prior to an eBook promotion with a price drop.

Why? Because you’ll literally get hundreds of eyes on your book during your giveaway, avid reader eyes, and there’s a good chance they’re also on the eBook newsletters you’d promote your price drop to. So anyone who didn’t win a free copy has already seen you, and with the extra exposure will be that much more likely to buy your eBook.

Comment on Amazon reviews

Indie authors don’t do this enough, but it’s free and effective.

The comment feature on Amazon reviews is a fantastic way to thank readers for taking the time to read your book, and that added, personalized engagement is priceless when it comes to ensuring they come back for your next release.

It’s also a great way to address any negative reviews. Don’t get defensive and keep your response productive, and show what a class act you are.

Collaborate with more authors

What’s better than the exposure you get? Your exposure plus another indie author’s exposure.

What I mean is, start getting friendly with other authors on your level and in your genre and discuss ways you can swap book marketing promotions for each other’s books.

Readers love this and both of your platforms benefit by becoming a true resource for your respective fans.

Don’t know where to start? Check the “also bought” section below your book and start doing a little research on the other authors listed. If they have social media followings that compliment yours they’re likely a good match.

If you’re not huge on social but have a great mailing list you can also offer to promote their books via your email marketing.

Write more books

All of your titles will sell the other ones, and you look more serious, like you’re a sure bet to invest in.

Because at the end of the day, readers love a sure thing, they feel better knowing you have more to offer if they end up loving your first book!

The takeaway

There’s lots you can be doing to spend your indie author book marketing time more wisely. Commit to doing things better in 2018!



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