How Indie Authors Can Sell More Books with a Bookbub Deal

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Book Marketing Basics, Marketing Your eBook

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Indie authors get to test out a number of book marketing options, and one of these should be a Bookbub feature.

You’ll find new readers by offering your book at a discount and convincing people who aren’t familiar with your work, to buy.

That being said, Bookbub features are notoriously tough to get so you should be submitting your titles every month.

Don’t give up, because the opportunity to sell more books is worth it!

Use the discount sweet spot

Most discount eBook sites recommend dropping your book $1.99 or less.

It seems counter intuitive but you really will sell more books by lowering your price.

Don’t underestimate the power of an impulse buy!

This is especially effective if you have a standout cover. Because deal hunters scan.

We’ve written about covers before, and as an indie author you should do a tough assessment of whether yours looks competitive enough for the bestseller list.

If there’s any question, get it re-done before investing lots more in promotion.

Keep the party going

Bookbub opportunities are a single day. A lot can happen in that day, but you can really maximize on it by keeping your pricing low for up to 5 days.

This is another time indie authors have the leg up – full pricing control.

Keep your book at that same discount price on Amazon for up to 5 days following your Bookbub feature, or gradually raise it.

For example, if your book is typically $5.99, and it’s $1.99 for Bookbub, make it $2.99 for the 5 days following, and be sure you call out this extended special offer in all your other book marketing efforts.

Now is a good time to capitalize on all the free eBook promotion sites and get your book submitted to as many as possible.

Celebrate diversity

If you’re lucky enough to get picked up by Bookbub it also makes sense to support that exposure with additional opportunities. This is often referred to as ad stacking.

There are a number of sites that still have great followings that are also easier to lock in.

Generally these other sites range from $10 to $200. You’re an indie author so you may have a tight budget, but expect the sites with bigger networks and platforms to cost more. Or if they have any guarantees you’ll also likely pay, more but guarantees can be great!

Here is a list of additional sites to potentially secure promotions on for your ad stacking strategy.

Understand the importance of impressions

First, make sure your Bookbub author profile is fully fleshed out. You can learn more about that and sign up for free here.

Then start planning ways to maximize on impressions with some strategic book marketing.

Send word to your email list and post the big day on your site.

Plan posts on social media to create advance hype for the big day, and post lots the day of. Countdown posts are fun and create a sense of urgency.

Create an event on Goodreads to promote the big day.

Consider running a Goodreads giveaway leading up to the big day as well!

Generally authors see hundreds of entries for their Goodreads giveaways, so that’s lots of people missing out on winning a copy of your book – what if a couple days after “losing” they can get your book for a discount on Bookbub?

And remember I mentioned keeping the party going? If you do this be sure you plan to repeat all these efforts after the big day. Remind people that the book will remain discounted for a few a little bit longer.

Consider sweetening the deal

People love a good deal and they love winning!

Consider doing a giveaway for a $25 Amazon gift card. If you already have book-related, branded swag, consider a prize pack.

Simply ask people to email you their receipt from Amazon showing they bought the book the day of your Bookbub promotion to be entered in the giveaway!

The takeaway

Bookbub deals are indie author book marketing gold when treated with the respect they deserve.

Don’t blow your chance to turn a good opportunity into a game changing opportunity!

Plan accordingly. Show up to promote the hell out of your big day and you’ll reap the reward for weeks after.

Let me help you build your reputation, your business and your exposure. I offer a personalized assessment on whether you’re ready for big media. And if you’re not, don’t worry! I can get you there.


  1. Hero Meets Journey

    Ooh fantastic tips! I absolutely love the idea of scheduling a giveaway to end right before the Bookbub and promoting it as a consolation prize… I wish that Goodreads didn’t make it so difficult to get in touch with non-winning giveaway entrants though. Do you have any tips for getting the word out to those people?

    • Tonya Agerton

      I need help. I created a bookbub profile and submitted my children’s book for a Featured Deal and it was accepted a few days later. I had no idea the hype behind Bookbub or that it was difficult to get accepted. So, now that I have been selected for a Featured Deal, I have no what Idea what I’m doing other than pay the invoice. Do I just sit back or what? From what I hear, it’s hard to get a Featured Deal. I’m excited that I got accepted- I just don’t know what to expect or if the ROI will be worth the cost.

      • Penny Sansevieri

        Tonya, congratulations on the Featured Deal. That’s awesome! Have you checked out this post: Simple Quickstart Guide to Bookbub for Authors? If not, that may help you out quite a bit! If you have and you still have questions, we’re right up against what I call “the Christmas bubble,” but reach out to me here, and my team can get you some rates for email coaching. Congratulations again!



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