Indie Author Content Ideas for Your October Book Marketing

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One of the hardest (but most beneficial) parts about being an indie author is managing all of your own book marketing and promotion.

You can essentially do whatever you want, and whatever feels authentic to you.

But as an indie author it’s also really important to keep up those personal connections with your fans and fans of your genre, by finding unique ways to keep your name and brand out there.  Click here if you missed this past Monday’s post about why contributing content is important to your book marketing.

We’re Starting Something New

So we’re going to start giving you book marketing tips for super unique content ideas each month!

These can be content ideas for your indie author blog, for your social media, or even content you’re trying to pitch other bloggers or sites you write for.

Indie Author Content Ideas

Below are holidays and just plain wacky and fun days for October 2017, listed next to the day of the month they fall on.

We’ve also included a few content ideas and angles to help spark your creativity!

Keep in mind that while you may not be able to write an entire blog post or article around some of these days, you can still use them as quirky and surprising posts on social media that will likely stir up some laughable or thought provoking engagement!

10/04 National Frappe Day

10/05 Do Something Nice Day – If you have a book on self-improvement, positivity or happiness, this is your day to shine.

10/06 World Smile Day

10/07 International Frugal Fun Day – Maybe you have a favorite activity or family tradition or date night idea that can be done on the cheap that you can share with fans, and be sure to ask for their ideas as well.

10/08 American Touch Tag Day

10/09 Curious Events Day – If you write paranormal or even historical fiction this is an opportunity to call attention to an event that compliments your topic or theme.

Creativity is Key

10/09 Moldy Cheese Day

10/10 International Newspaper Carrier Day – As writers we can all appreciate the written word, let’s thank those out there that are doing their part to keep our society literate and well informed.

10/11 It’s My Party Day – This is a great opportunity to brag on yourself a little, highlight recent achievements for you and your book, and ask fans to share their brag-worthy moments.

10/12 Moment of Frustration Day – Share something you’re stuck on with the book you’re currently writing, fans love insight into your process and this is also a good time to get them involved.

If you’re debating on a character’s name, or setting for your next book, open it up for conversation!

10/13 International Skeptics Day – This is perfect for you authors that have a how-to element.  Open the conversation to let fans air their fears and frustrations.

Use that as an opportunity to respond and show them how your book can help them.

10/14 National Dessert Day

If You Have the Strength Keep Writing!

10/16 Dictionary Day – Share your favorite word and encourage others to share theirs.

10/17 Wear Something Gaudy Day

10/19 Evaluate Your Life Day – Perfect opportunity for authors who write motivational, dieting or wellness books, or even career books. Be sure they know your book is there to help them when they’re ready to make improvements.

10/21 National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day

It Gets Easier With Practice

10/22 National Nut Day – Believe it or not, people have strong opinions about nuts! Be brave and put your preferences out there and ask others to do the same,  it should be entertaining!

10/23 National Mole Day

10/24 United Nations Day

10/25 World Pasta Day – Share your favorite recipe and solicit more from your followers.

10/28 Make a Difference Day – What do you do to help your community? Maybe you volunteer at the VA, knit caps for newborns, foster rescue dogs. Or maybe you’re an author mentor?

Highlight the good you’re doing, let people know how important it is, and have them share their good deeds.

Nationally Recognized Holidays are Slam Dunks

10/29 National Frankenstein Day – Horror and thriller authors should have something clever to say about this!

10/30 National Candy Corn Day – People love it or they hate it, take a poll!

10/30 Mischief Night – This could be an opportunity for a fun confession, share some trouble you got into in your younger years, and encourage fans to share theirs!

10/31 Halloween

The Takeaway

Being an indie author demands creativity and authenticity.

Coming up with unique content ideas as part of your book marketing plan is a great way to take your success seriously, without taking yourself too seriously!

Need a little bit more help?  Reach out to us for book marketing guidance!



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