5 Ways to Use Facebook to Build Your Indie Author Brand

by | Sep 22, 2017 | Book Marketing Basics, Social Media for Authors

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As an indie author you have full control over your success and failure – which should be both daunting and liberating!

Part of focusing that control should include your social media activity, because it’s key to building your brand and your fan base.

There are hundreds of ways to maximize your presence on social media, but I want to focus on a handful of really sold strategies for Facebook that you can start using this weekend.

#1. Be Consistent

Think of who’s most memorable to you on Facebook. It’s likely people who post often, but not too much, and who regularly post things you find interesting, funny, or meaningful.

So post consistently, let people know they can count on you. As an indie author this is super important because you don’t have a big publisher’s branding helping you skate by.

And post things your target readership likely finds interesting! Bonus tip: it should not just be about you. Your readers have varied interests, but there are likely a lot of similarities too.

As a fan of your own genre (you are right?) this shouldn’t be tough for you to figure out. Post about TV shows you’re excited about that your fans probably like as well, share recommendations for products you love and that make your life better, make it personal, make it memorable.

#2.  Make it Inclusive

Facebook is a great way to make your fans feel included in your process, and if you invite them on the journey they’re that much more likely to buy your next book.

Ask them to vote on cover designs, let them name a character, or the character’s dog! Post previews of chapters to get their opinions. Indie authors have a lot of flexibility in this area – take advantage!

Refer back to our ‘Killer Book Marketing Strategies to Tease an Upcoming Release‘ to refresh yourself on this and other “killer” marketing strategies!

#3 Play Nice

 Liking and following other indie authors in your genre, sharing their promos, dropping them kudos on new releases, helps to strengthen your network in general. Once you have some rapport you can message them about cross-promoting each other’s book releases and giveaways.

#4 Refer to Your Stats

Every page comes with insights. You’ll see this section above your profile picture and banner image. Insights tell you which posts garnered you the most interest, your fan demographics, and more.

Plan to check these once a month, note what seems to be working and what doesn’t. And be flexible, be prepared to shake up your focus and content so you’re working with your fans interests and habits, not against them.

#5 Give Your Posts a Boost

Facebook advertising can seem daunting, but when used properly it can really improve your reach and engagement.

If you’re posting about something big, like a limited time eBook discount, a new release or a giveaway, consider boosting the post. Boosting is a great way to draw in readers who don’t know about you yet! And Facebook has pretty user-friendly instructions for doing it right!

The Takeaway

Being in full control of your brand as an indie author is very powerful, and Facebook is your friend. Embrace all the opportunities it gives you to express what makes you and your work unique and different, use it to stand out from the competition!

Not sure which opportunities will make you stand out from the competition?   Contact us today for your personalized assessment and strategy recommendations.


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