How to Market Your Book with Reviews to Get Stronger Engagement

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Getting More Book Reviews

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Book reviews are something we’re all after, but on the quest for more (because you always need more) you should also be considering how to market your book with the reviews you amass along the way!

People Like What Other People Like

It’s brilliantly simple. And book reviews are the best way to show potential buyers you’re a sure thing.

But that doesn’t mean all your reviews have to be 5 stars, far from it. In fact, learning how to market your book with the constructive criticism that comes your way is also a critical skill to hone – yep, we’re talking silver linings, fuzzy puppies and sparkly rainbows folks!

You’ll Never Have Enough Reviews

In all seriousness, reviews are a never-ending task for authors, because even if you hit the 100+ review mark for one book, it’s likely you have another one in the pipeline, or at least I hope you do, and a lot of the work starts over from scratch.

How to Market a Book with Reviews to Get Stronger Engagement

Homework from How to Market Your Book with Reviews

Yes, I have some homework for you!

To start, add at least 2 reviews to the Editorial Reviews section of your Amazon book page if you don’t already have at least 5 reviews listed there already. This is quick, simple, and free.

Create a promo to generate more reviews. Use the tips from our infographic above, and come up with something special you can offer readers.

The key is making it unique to you and your brand, and also considering who your market is. Why are they obsessed with your genre or topic? How can you feed that obsession with a promo that will also generate more reviews for your book? See, this is creative stuff! And if you can’t come up with anything you think will move the needle, reach out and do some coaching with me, we can brainstorm some really effective promotions together.

Resources and Free Downloads

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  1. Mary

    Is it realistic to try and get 100 reviews in 100 days?

    This me reaching out and wanting to brainstorm. There are several high value reviews on Amazon already but as you say one can always use more.

    “Girz ‘N the Hood: A Memoir of Mama in South Central Los Angeles” by Dr. Mary Hill-Wagner


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