Self-Publishing a Book for the Outdoor & Green Markets

Self-publishing a book about anything related to gardening, getting outdoors, or cleaning up the planet is a fantastic achievement, but it gets challenging because there are so many different sub-topics that fall under this umbrella.

For example, you can have a book on hiking, or great walking trails in Europe, or camping, or outdoor family activities. And they all fall under “outdoors” but their markets are very different.

So the first step in designing a marketing campaign for these kinds of books is figuring out where the author’s expertise lies. When it comes to your platform, what’s your sweet spot? Because self-publishing a book is a direct reflection of everything you can offer to the world!

And that’s where we come in.

As an author, you’re often too close to your own message to see some of the potential for it, or where the message could go. But when you work with our team, we help you get to the places you couldn’t reach on your won, or possibly hadn’t even considered!

The fun part about working with us is that it’s not always what you expect. It’s often much better.

One size does not fit all when self-publishing a book and we celebrate that to the fullest.

We get creative, and we have fun. But the idea really is to get you and your book in front of the exact right markets. Because while no one can predict book sales, we know that your book needs to get in front of your readers multiple times before they’ll decide to buy – and that’s how our book marketing campaigns are built.

Self-publishing a book is like launching a business. And hope is not a marketing plan.

The idea is really to create a roadmap, something that can help you get from point A to point Z, and we’d love to be a part of that. A roadmap is that piece of the book marketing puzzle that really helps you get to your final destination, and it also helps you on your journey.

Get in touch to schedule your call today, because we’re definitely the team you want in your corner when it comes to self-publishing a book and finding the right readers.

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