Custom Amazon Keyword and Category Optimization


Welcome to the Amazon Optimization Program offered exclusively through Author Marketing Experts, Inc.



A lot of companies offer Amazon Optimization – we do it better.

Most people don’t realize Amazon is a search engine – and it needs to be treated like a search engine – not simply an online bookstore.

Keywords may seem obvious when picked the old-fashioned way, but Amazon is cutting-edge, and so are its systems. Third-party apps and keyword aggregators that run only on historical data and not real-time shopper behavior are not the answer.

But fortunately for you, we’ve figured it out.

And what makes our work different?

  • Manual research, no apps or aggregators.
  • A strong focus on real buyer behavior.
  • Consistent program updates to track Amazon’s ever-changing systems.
  • Better searchability and better rankings. Period.

Our exclusive program includes:

  • Custom research to determine 7 of your most strategic keywords that represent how shoppers are really using Amazon to find books like yours.
  • Custom analysis to determine your 3 most strategic category options based on Amazon’s latest KDP changes!
  • Recommendations for improving your Amazon retail page.

Start drawing in more shoppers and improve your chances at hitting an Amazon bestseller list!

Results will be delivered within 14 business days.